THE RETREAT WAS A MOST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. I felt nurtured & rejuvenated on every level of my being. I noticed big improvements in my physical body with increased strength, flexibility & relaxation. What really amazed me was how much better I felt emotionally, mentally & spiritually. I came away with my consciousness lifted & with a beautiful glimpse of human potential if nurtured under more optimal group conditions. I feel blessed to have been a part of such a unified & powerfully healing qifield. I will definitely be back next year.

– Dr Anna Harvey

THIS YEAR WAS MY THIRD RETREAT. I was now able to go much deeper into myself. I started to get some understanding of the saying: “coming home into yourself.’, what a wonderful place to be.In this deeper state my thoughts were amplified, which allowed me to look at the problems, which I intended to clear at the retreat. To my astonishment, I came to the realization ‘I have been such a fool”. Indeed I clearly saw the source of my problems: me. I realized why things in this specific area of my life had developed the way it had throughout my life, back down to my first thought. It was almost like being the director of an interactive video, starting the video at the end ‘the now’ and working backwards to the ‘beginning’. I kept asking myself questions whilst watching how things evolved the way they did and why. I was able to see why this first thought had come about allowing myself to take on the role of victim for most of my adult life. This was of course not without an inner struggle; Yuan Tze’s teachings helped me to cut through this struggle as I managed to use Ren Xue to help me navigate the way out of this particular struggle. The use of the Qigong exercises helped me to refocus, to remain calm when my false self was making a lot of fuss through this process.What Yuan Tze had taught all along. ‘Thoughts are Qi and it has form and contains information’ has now taken on real meaning. I understand its significance in relation to my old problems and patterns.I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. With increasing clarity I can see my path ahead and know it will continue to require hard and consistent work. To me this is most gratifying and making my life truly worthwhile.Seeing all the practitioners at the retreat, from all walks of life provided me with much inspiration and admiration.

– Ans Wilkin

I CANNOT WRITE ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT my experience with Yuan Tze, Melissa, and the Ren Xue/Qigong taught at their retreats. I had been the director of a non-profit Buddhist organization in the United States, and taught meditation in prisons nationally, as well as communication, conflict resolution, and chaplaincy skills. Then my health collapsed completely and I was eventually diagnosed with severe chronic Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, multiple chemical sensitivities, and chronic migraines. I spent several years largely in bed with a lot of pain. Western medicine had nothing much to offer. My beloved alternative practitioners helped, but my health plateaued at a point that was far below functional.I encountered Zhineng Qigong through a Chinese teacher in California (USA), and practicing it made an immediate difference in my health. Then about a year later I heard about Yuan Tze. Although his translator Melissa did not know me, she responded to all my email questions about practice, and encouraged my deepening involvement. She became my mentor, to the point that I made a huge leap of faith to take the daunting flight to New Zealand and do the annual 2-week retreat. My friends and family were amazed that someone who had been as sick as I’d been could now do this.The retreat vaulted me forward by many levels in my practice. The silence was delicious, the teaching was inspiring, and the quality of people’s presence all practicing in the same room together created an atmosphere I can still taste. Each day I could feel layers peeling off; mental habits were flaking away. I have been a meditation student for decades, and this accelerated that process because it added the elements of embodiment and Qi. Yuan Tze seemed to teach directly to me, and my mind in his daily lectures, although I later found out many people in the room felt that way. I have never been around another human being like him – he could read my mind, and be simultaneously like a mountain and flowing water.As someone who has had severe energy deficiency problems, I was amazed that I was up at 6 AM daily, never late for sessions, and did all the exercises enthusiastically along with the others. If I needed to lie down I could have, but I simply didn’t. I was drinking in the Qi, as if my body had been thirsty for a long time. I went to bed each night at 9:30 and slept well and peacefully – another miracle for me, after many years of insomnia.Toward the end of the retreat I encountered my greatest fear: a strong migraine Qi reaction, which was very painful, and lasted more than a couple of days. With Melissa’s support, and Yuan Tze’s instructions, I took no medication, and simply kept staying calm and relaxed, meeting each moment of sensation in the supportive atmosphere of the qifield. I was completely focused, as I knew that some important measure of freedom for me lay in this “battle”. Could I transform it from being a battle into an encounter? I noticed that it was less the pain than the fear that the pain might become unmanageable that was triggering the intense suffering. I kept noticing what was true, moment after moment, and although I got very tired, I was also completely interested.After a long night I asked Melissa if I could lie down in my room to take a nap. She brought back a message from Yuan Tze: bring your sleeping bag to nap in the main hall with everyone as the qifield is stronger there, and will be more healing for you. This contradicted many of my patterns. When a migraine comes on, I like to be alone, and certainly away from light, smells, noise, etc when feeling that fragile. However I did what he asked despite my vulnerability. Long time feelings of shame and isolation melted away. I was exhausted, but in good company.

Since I’ve been back home in California, USA the last few months, I’ve had only a few mild migraines, and the fear is virtually gone. I might feel some sensation, notice what’s happening, and usually address it with my Qigong practice. My whole relationship to the migraines has shifted. They used to rule my life, and they no longer do.

I also have a disabled (shattered) ankle from a skydiving accident over 25 years ago. Apparently the surgery to insert the screw wasn’t done very well, so the main ankle joint wore out, and some doctors many years ago told me I’d never walk again due to this weight-bearing joint having become bone-on-bone. I did not accept their verdict as final, so have improved my ankle on my own non-surgically, but still wear a brace to walk. At the retreat, my ankle/foot had a Qi reaction and swelled up in the qifield. It seemed to be saying: finally I can clear what I’ve been dying to clear for many years now. I have done lots of healing practice with it (in and out of the retreat), and it is getting better! For the first time in a decade I have been able to walk around wearing shoes without a brace for partial days. I am continuing this healing work on the ankle, and delighted in its progress.

Finally, and perhaps most important: I’ve always been an emotional and sensitive person. I have fought against these tendencies, and done various therapies and types of meditation to work with these aspects of myself. I notice that the Ren Xue allows the sensitivity to be channeled in useful ways, so I feel at peace finally with this part of myself. It seems to me that this is a foundation that can serve to help others as I deepen my learning of Ren Xue. In terms of the emotionality, I feel far less imprisoned by emotions. I’d been fortunate to have found other useful skilful means to help me emotionally before. However I can now see how the emotions sap my body of its precious Qi. Ren Xue gives me tools to integrate the other learning I’d already accumulated in an embodied way.

I feel tremendously grateful to Yuan Tze, Melissa Kung, and this system, and find it very harmonious with my other spiritual practice, my deep wish to serve all beings, and everything else in my life.

– Diana L

THE 09′ RETREAT PROVIDED A SAFE SPACE in which to encounter my true self, see clearer the negative patterns holding me back and gain strength to consciously change my destiny. The strong Qifield and Master Yuan Tze’s teaching and guidance has enabled me to heal old injuries and spark a renewed vigour into my daily life and Qigong practice. A truly humbling and gratifying experience I am eager to build on in 2010.

– G.A.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE EFFORT AND WORK that was put into our last retreat. I feel a deep change has taken place inside of me. Also when I meet friends who were there as well often I can see a real change in them too.During the retreat there were stages where my body felt as though it was filled with clear bright light. When negative thought patterns came up I could just move this light over them and they’d be cleared. My ability to deal with the challenges in everyday life has improved so much and keeps improving. I truly wish that we will have to share Ren Xue, Yuan Tze and Melissa with more and more people.May the future be bright and clear.– Jay Baker
WHEN I WAS A CHILD I clearly remember sitting on the floor playing one morning, watching my parents argue about something, and thinking, if only they just chose not to worry about it, then they’d be happy. At that moment I vowed I’d never be like that.Fast forward a few decades and I was! I had retired from a successful medical career, with much respect to it, but knowing in my heart it wasn’t for me, nor healthy for me. I’ve spent much time searching for the highest quality methods to help calm my mind, tame my emotions and bring that love of life back into my heart. I just wanted to help people but I couldn’t even help myself.I found things that seemed very good, but they didn’t really work.Then I came across Ren Xue and Zhineng Qigong. I started just over one year ago. First I read Voyage to the Shore, awed to finally find something that answered the philosophical musings I had all my life. Then I began the exercises. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into, so I tried it, watching carefully in case it was some sort of ‘hocus pocus’. But everyday after I did the exercises, I felt better, calmer and more and more myself. In a year things were very different.Then came the retreat. It was a privilege to be there, supported by everyone, while I cleared out negative patterns from my mind. One day I was walking across the grass when all of a sudden I realized that I believed in the inside of me. And I was so surprised to think that I hadn’t been.I came home with more realizations coming thick and fast. Most profound, was to finally know again that I completely accept and respect myself, and think that I am a truly beautiful human being. And to realize that the beauty inside me is just perfect for helping others, and humbling to know that there have been many others out there helping me all the time, I just didn’t realize they were. I now know that all I need to do is to remember to have deep respect and gratitude for everyone and everything, as they are all my teachers. Finally I feel that there is nothing to fear and, the world is not going to overwhelm me any more. It is a joy to be able to take responsibility for myself.

In only a year my life couldn’t be more profoundly different. There is joy and peace in my heart again.

I recommend Ren Xue and attending the retreat without reservation.

– Dr Jeanette Spencer

I ATTRIBUTE A TRANSFORMATION OF MY LIFE to attending the 2009 Yuan Tze Ren Xue and Qigong Retreat in Christchurch.I had been in a “stuck” and increasingly negative place for a number of years. In my yearning for my family and myself to be free from the conflict and dysfunction that only worsened with time, I sought the help of counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists and well meaning friends in addition to practicing yoga and attempting various styles of meditation. Despite this effort, my life continued to slip into a deepening abyss from which I just could not find a route.I was physically and emotionally exhausted but still searching for a way forward when I became aware of a public healing and lecture from Yuan Tze in my home town a month or so before the retreat. I attended and was immediately impressed by the intellectual depth and calibre of Yuan Tze. I was new to the concept of Qi and had never participated in a group healing before. There was no doubt, however, in my mind at the end of the evening of the very real impact and benefits of the qifield Yuan Tze generated. Convinced and intrigued, I purchased a CD of the Four Basic Exercises and started practicing these daily. Although, excruciatingly painful at first, I was encouraged to persevere by passages in Voyage to the Shore and within a few weeks I sensed a stirring of energy that I had lacked for so long.These few weeks practice of the Four Basic Exercises and a second reading of Voyage to the Shore were just enough to equip me for the retreat. Every day of the two weeks was vital; the silence crucial. Yuan Tze’s daily lectures were riveting – packed with essential learning (that seemed to be directed to my needs alone) beautifully balanced with humour, extracts from ancient Chinese philosophy and discourses on the contemporary human condition and environmental state. The Qigong practices although at times gruelling were, ultimately, so very energizing and uplifting. The qifield established at the retreat had a mysterious power that seemed to go beyond our selves and our location in Christchurch – it appeared to be realigning conditions back home and for my work before I even returned. I emerged to transformed opportunities that I now had the strength to respond to. After years of battling against the tide, I returned to a world where I could flow with life and it’s potential.I am so very grateful to have come across this marvellous package of philosophies and methods and feel particularly privileged to have been able to attend this retreat designed and conducted by an individual with such rare and advanced skills as those of Yuan Tze.

– Cavelle Waters

THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH FOR SUCH AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE, I had been doing Qigong for about 3 months before the retreat. I was not sure whether the retreat was going to be for me or not, but decided due to the reasons I started qigong, I would do anything to help… so I signed on (but only for 1 week (remember :), I was nervous, and unsure if I would “survive” 2 weeks, but I knew I could manage 1 week, (I also had some other commitments), anyway once I started reading the book, only the first few chapters, I thought there is no way I can only go for 1 week, this person (Yuan Tze) is such an amazing teacher, I have to go for the full 2 weeks and maximize my time and learn as much as I can from him. So I re-schedule commitments and confirmed myself on the 2 weeks. I was so excited, I couldn’t believe I was going to spend 2 weeks learning from Yuan Tze, I couldn’t wait :)Well when I arrived day 1 of the retreat, I found out that it was a “silent” retreat… I first thought Vlado was having me on… but soon realized it was true. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know if I would manage, I was glad I didn’t know before hand as I am not sure if I would have been so excited about the 2 weeks… well I tell you what, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it really forces you inside (where you belong), and was one of the things I really needed to work on.I use to live outside (of my body), always have and now I know I don’t have too and that inside is better (actually a balance is better). I use to not be able to be in the quite (I would always have to put on some music) as my mind would always be racing around, it was my way of calming the mind (or maybe I should say “allowing my mind not to think anything”), now I enjoy it, I hardly put music on now, I like the quite, allows me to calm the mind properly. I still work on being inside, but at least I am working on it, along with many, many other things.I enjoyed my 2 weeks very much, practice was great, lectures/Q&A with Yuan Tze were brilliant (I had so many “yeah” moments, where light bulbs would go on, lots and lots of little realizations :), I also really enjoyed the learning of new methods (I love learning new things). There were a few tough moments, but only towards the end with my “best friend” (aka 3CM), but I talked myself through it and felt like I achieved a lot from it.Anyways, all in all awesome. An opportunity I am so pleased I did not pass up, and one I will never forget.You are both very amazing people (very “beautiful” people), and I feel privileged and honoured to have been able to share those 2 weeks with you both. Thank you so much for all I have learnt and experienced.

– Lisa Crook

THE 2009 RETREAT WAS A WONDERFUL COMBINATION of qigong practice and discussion on Ren Xue.The structured programme of Qigong practice enabled me to build my Qi quickly and discussions on Ren Xue allowed my consciousness to absorb information and open to possibilities.The one thing that was very noticeable was how when Shen is disturbed, it can affect the Qi and body so quickly almost in an instant. It is now my job to look at the emotional and mental triggers which so often can begin to pull the three treasures of Jing, Qi and Shen out of balance. Only then can Shen be the master of life and a natural, calm, joyful state be experienced.– Lydia Kowaleff
My experience of this retreat has been very different from the previous retreats. I felt the intention of the qifield to “quicken” and that has definitely happened for me. The effort was cranked-up. The buttons were pushed and some habits that I had been processing for 2 years now have cleared, finally, phew!The way of it has definitely deepened my understanding to the infinite self. This is in regard to our connectedness to all living things, depth of knowing and instant access to information at a thought. I feel smooth, empty yet full of qi and more-so timely, calm and relaxed with my own surroundings. With this new state I strongly recommend any student who might hesitate with practice to persevere and just, (the bottom line) “do it”.There are no words for how touched I am for having met a friend like Yuan Tze.I have been practicing Zhineng Qigong and Ren Xue for over 5 years now and still believe I’m only at the beginning of the true journey. Thank you Melissa for all your patience and effort to help all of us.

– M. W.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE RETREAT. It was an amazing experience for me: profound, challenging and deeply rewarding. It was a privilege to be there. The opportunity to examine my inner life, my thoughts and patterns while learning qigong and hearing about the potential to have a joyful existence was remarkable. Thanks again,

– Miriam Kauders
Registered Psychologist, Registered Teacher

I HAVE FOUND THE PAST RETREAT full of deep and profound experiences that are changing my life for the better (turning it all around like a Lotus flower blooming out of the muddy waters). I woke this morning in a state of free fall a feeling of dying but being completely at peace and suspended in mid air so actually not falling. I know this is just the beginning of an amazing journey ahead and the jewels and treasures inside are slowly being found, dusted off and placed in a very sacred place for my life. I am moving more and more inwards and the outside values seem to be fading away. I feel stronger in myself and feel a very deep sense of gratitude that I was able to attend this past retreat. I know I will attend the next retreat and am moving towards this now. Every moment is precious, everything is precious.

– Natalie Pullock

THIS WAS MY THIRD RETREAT AND THE BEST YET. It was hard work but I feel I made a lot of progress on all levels – physically, mentally and spiritually. The teaching has also equipped me to manage my life more wisely and adopt some healthier patterns of behaviour and thinking. I wish everyone had this opportunity.

– Ngaire Jehle

BEAUTY, BEAUTY EVERYWHERE I LOOK! It seems as though I’m looking through different eyes! Everyone and Everything from a spec of dust to a cloud, a tree, a plane, a shoe!! Everything is Beautiful! Amazing! The trees seem even more beautiful to me every time I look at them, somehow surreal but real at the same time! Then I realized that they are only beautiful if I make them look beautiful, or I guess if I want them to be! You totally do create your own reality!I prepared myself for a REALLY big challenge! I was amazed It wasn’t as challenging as I expected. Of course I had the support of a great Qifield though! Stretching Qi is not challenging anymore, it is now enjoyable to me!I identified many problems that I did not previously regard as problems, and found the answers inside myself! I realized I am creating my own reality and only I can change it! Realizing is just the start! Now it takes perseverance and real effort to change unhealthy patterns on all levels!I also learnt…
How Important working on my consciousness is,
How important it is not to have negative emotions,
and How important it is to stay calm, relaxed, natural and joyful in every moment no matter what the situation isThe funny thing is I already knew all these things and have been working on them for a while… But now I realize them on a much deeper level, which makes me realize something else went deeper… NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE!! There’s always more and more and more to learn!I guess I expected Miracles to happen at the retreat, But I am the one who needs to make the miracles happen! The realization that I have the ability to make miracles happen myself, is the biggest miracle!!

Thank you very much Yuan Tze and Melissa, for the enjoyable experience!

– Nicole Sharp

THANK YOU YUAN TZE AND MELISSA for once again conducting an amazing retreat. If one really makes an effort to learn and put into practice what is taught – amazing transformations begin to take place. I believe that the information imparted by Yuan Tze for working on life, Qi and the consciousness could not be obtained in a lifetime of reading books. In other words, the information is invaluable.

– Richie Knight

I FOUND THE 2009 QIGONG RETREAT AT KAIAPOI a significant and insightful experience. More so than other retreats as this retreat seemed to have some other special Qi information or Qi factor. My experience was more gentle, nurturing and deep than before but somehow it seemed very ordinary and natural at the time. It felt like I could live this way forever; practicing Qigong all day and living in a Qigong state 24 hours of the day. It didn’t feel unusual or abnormal with over one hundred other students doing the same thing and us all gaining huge benefits. The retreat also helped me better understand how to incorporate Ren Xue and Qigong into more aspects of my life, whether eating, standing, sleeping, waiting, working etc.As well as Yuan Tze and Melissa, the other students were an inspiration and a fine example especially the “new” students. The changes in the retreat students, who attend the Wellington Qigong class, are a delight to observe. Their enthusiasm and uplifted interest for their Qigong practice along with the corresponding changes in their Qi condition (sparkling eyes, happy, energized, light and uplifted) is all a Qigong teacher could ever hope for.Thank you Yuan Tze for your profound teachings and Melissa for organizing everything, translating Yuan Tze’s teachings and for your compassion.

– Shona Page

I’VE BEEN ON ALL OF THE QIGONG RETREATS run by Yuan Tze and Melissa. The experience just keeps getting better and better, and the horizons of our learning keep on expanding. We learn and practice in a fantastic qifield created by Yuan Tze that has to be experienced to be believed – it is such a rich and bountiful source of unspoken information (“heart to heart” learning) and safe, positive, supportive energy. I unreservedly recommend these retreats for anyone even remotely interested in Qigong.– Tim Stevenson
I JUST WANTED TO SEND a big Texas size THANK YOU to Yuan Tze and Melissa for a wonderful retreat.I had a much deeper experience this time on the consciousness level. I don’t think I really knew what ‘relaxed’ was until this retreat. I have seen the importance and experienced first hand the connection between Shen and the body. It is amazing when you allow yourself to let go of trying to ‘control’ the physical movement and truly relax so that Shen and body are unified, how different the experience is. I think I will begin to apply that to all areas of my life!This retreat has confirmed once again the benefits Zhineng Qigong and Ren Xue have brought to my life and how others are naturally drawn to wanting to know more about what has made such an incredible impact on my life. Instead of struggling to explain what this all about, or trying to ‘control’ and force the words, I find that the words are coming more easily as my understanding has gone to a much deeper level.I had some self doubt about starting the teacher training course last year as I was a bit nervous about teaching when I had not been doing it for long. However, this time it is different, I can still experience my journey of growth and learning while helping others on theirs.I am also more at ease with being ‘one with time’ and not trying to race against it. It makes the day seem much longer and more fulfilling. Every moment counts!Life and this journey are wonderful!

Thank you both for your dedication to sharing this wisdom with the world!

– Tricia Spence

OVER THE LAST 3 YEARS, the two-week Ren Xue retreat in November has become a highlight and this year was no exception, with 100 people gathering from across NZ, USA and Europe.Encouraged to set a goal of what we wanted to achieve, I aimed to go deeper than ever before. Half an hour after the start, and when Yuan Tze said this was intention too, I began to wonder…had it really been my thought or had I just absorbed the information in the qifield that always connects us?As the retreat progressed, this depth became apparent in everything we did, especially in the Ren Xue discussions. During one talk about the value and meaning of a human life, Yuan Tze urged us to step up and take responsibility for not only our lives, but the very future of humanity. I felt a spear of light pierce my head and heart, and I was filled with an overwhelming sense of both the enormity of the task and huge hope. And I knew I was not alone. Together we will do it.

– Vanessa Lukes