Yuan Tze Ren Xue offers the teachings and tools that can help you

  • Improve your health with lasting effects
  • Understand your problems so you can deal with them effectively
  • Improve your emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Build a meaningful life

2015 Events

Ren Xue Healing Retreats

- Ren Xue Yuan Gong Retreat held by Yuan Tze

The Ren Xue healing retreats held by Yuan Tze are to facilitate healing of the whole life on the fundamental level.

A very exciting feature of the three retreats in 2015 is Ren Yuan – the Third Method of Yuan Gong. The purpose of this method is to deepen the effect of Qigong practice and strengthen the physical body. Compared to Tian Yuan, there is more pulling and stretching of the body. However, together with the special mind activity of this new method, a large amount of Qi will be activated and moved, and strong Qi sensation can be experienced. It is a form that exudes grace, strength and beauty and is accessible to everyone…Read more, including Blythe’s inspiring story

Weekend Workshop

2-Day Workshop

11-12 July, 2015
Contact Norberto Rodrigues paksiulam.nory@hotmail.com

In this workshop Yuan Tze will shed light on the root causes of your problems and help you gain insight on how to deal with them. You will also learn an effective tool for self-healing – Yuan Gong, a Qigong system created by Yuan Tze.

Yuan Tze will also conduct Qi therapy on both days. Many people experience immediate improvement of their state of Qi as a result of Yuan Tze’s Qi therapy.

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Stories & Testimonials

“I would like to whole-heartedly recommend this transformative training to anyone who is looking to improve their life and the lives of others…”
- Elaine Livengood

“During this training I had a very strong clearing in the head area which has improved my focus and helped me to become more present in my life…”
- Jay Glubb

“To learn Yuan Gong from its founder, Yuan Tze, is an incomparable gift…”
- Sally Hinds
Read more