I WENT ON THE RETREAT WITH HIGH HOPES; that I would easily and rapidly solve all my problems. The retreat was obviously very good for my sense of humour as I now find this idea amusing.I came home to find my problems were still there.

But there was a solution and I had been soaking in it for 14 days and it’s called Qi and it is rich and wondrous, (remembering that those are only words pointing in a general direction which give only the vaguest approximation of the actual reality.) Experiencing Qi is like stepping into a new world, a little bit like being in the presence of a newborn.

Using a new found strength and clarity of mind I was finally able to sort the major problem that had been troubling me for 5 years (my main reason for going on the retreat.) This has been a huge relief (and a real pleasure to have been able to sort it myself.) Other problems still arise and when they do, I stop and check and connect with this vast universe within, of beauty, harmony, energy and power and from this place I am changing and I am making a difference. I’m still the one that has to stop myself, calm myself and find a new way forward, but I am doing it.

4 months on and I smile where I used to cry, think and act where I used to panic and am taking responsibility where I used to accuse…(increasingly :)

I’m a work in progress and rediscovering Qi is, for me, really, really great progress.

Thanks Melissa and Yuan Tze

– Ali Scott

p.s. The effect of the last individual healing that you did with me, Yuan Tze, feels as though it has become permanent. No doubt the retreat cemented the change but it is that moment in that healing where a shift occurred that was very powerful and very clear.

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED THAT LIFE UNFOLDS in gloriously wonderful ways? 18 months ago, a friend of ours mentioned that a Qigong master was visiting our area. I had heard of Qigong, knew nothing about it but thought it sounded interesting!So my husband (who is used to me and long suffering!) and I went to an extraordinary session with Yuan Tze and Melissa. And life began to change! To cut a long story short, I am on the plane flying home from a 2-week Qigong retreat with Yuan Tze and Melissa Kung that was spectacular. I can’t begin to tell you all I learned but I can share a couple of things.

Some say that Qigong was originally used to keep people healthy and only when they stopped doing the daily exercises, did things like acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine develop as people started becoming ill! The Qigong exercises are designed to not just get your body into great shape but also to restore your health by increasing your Qi (life forces) and the way the Qi flows through your body. Tai Chi is better known but this form of Qigong I think is better for your body in many ways!

Yuen Tze has taken Zhineng Qigong and developed a system around it called Ren Xue and it’s a pretty powerful package!

As a physical therapist (physiotherapist) when I first saw the exercises, I was a little concerned thinking that they were too repetitive for some and wondered how they could really do much to help the body.

I was wrong! For the first time in years, despite being in pretty good shape and exercising the traditional way regularly, I had minor aches and pains that I would have to control with intermittent yoga or other exercises that would counteract the long hours of sitting at my computer I had let myself lapse into. No more!

I now have a way of eliminating all pain and stiffness, boosting my energy, calming my mind and changing my life – all at once! OK, I know that sounds a bit extreme but Yuan Tze’s system of Ren Xue really offers all of that. It takes work and commitment but the results and rewards are really worth it.

My major in psychology, master practitioner level studies in neurolinguistics, years of studying wellness and occupational health have led me through a wide range of activities to improve my life and continue my personal growth. Ren Xue is one of the most comprehensive and effective techniques or systems I have found to date and want to share just one snippet with you. Ren Xue is about ‘life cultivation’ as Yuan Tze calls it. Helping yourself heal, become healthy, grow and develop so you can help others do the same.

Yuan Tze is very sincere and genuine in his beliefs and his abilities are extraordinary, not to mention him being one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. He, with the help of Melissa, has helped me enormously.

When he talked about life cultivation today, I imagined our lives as a garden. I had no idea that my garden was in such dire straits! Truly – it was on the verge of being a wasteland! The plants were all withered and brown; the soil poor and earthworm free! Weeds had overtaken any of the plants I had so carefully planted years before and insects had attacked what remained. You would have walked past this garden thinking it must have been beautiful when it was cared for.

But I didn’t even know I had a garden, let alone one that was in such poor shape.

To create and maintain a beautiful garden takes commitment and time and effort. From the very beginning if we want it to be beautiful, there must be planning done. Where will we put which plants, how much sun do they need, how will they look next to each other; do we have fragrant ones, colourful ones – do we match the colours, make it a cottage garden, structure it carefully and on and on.

How we plan determines the order and style of the garden and what impact it will have when we visit it. To start with we must plant seeds of great quality in the right place at the right time – the right season. Plants and gardens are affected by the seasons, by the amount of sun they receive, storms, rainfall, wind and pests among other things. There must be constant adjustment for the conditions; they need nourishing, nurturing, feeding, watering, protection from the elements and pests, pruning, weeding, giving back life with things like earthworms, fertilising, taking out and replanting, pruning and just loving the plants, the garden, and the soil!

So when we see a perfect gorgeous smelling rose, we rarely think of all the work that went into creating the right conditions for the rose to blossom.

Well, at 55, I had ignored my gorgeous garden to the point where it needed a huge amount of work – almost going back to the beginning – to make it gorgeous and vibrant again! But…the worst part was I had no real idea. Until I met Yuan Tze, Melissa and Isla!

I had a dream on the retreat of an old lady being brought into a hospital with a compound fracture in her leg. She was lying in a hospital bed with this horrible broken leg and telling everyone there was nothing wrong – that she didn’t need to be there – she wanted to go home and continue living her life. People around her were trying to tell her that she had broken her leg and to look at it and see that she could not walk and needed to be there in bed, but she would have none of it.

That was me. I was rushing through my life, giving away my life forces constantly, not replenishing them, feeling miserable and struggling with relationship issues – and supposed to be creating a global joy community! Of course I was trying many things to find my joy and following the strategies in my own book (The Gospel of Joy!) had helped a lot but I still had low energy and found that each day just seemed to be busier and busier and I felt overwhelmed almost every day.

I had been doing the Qigong more regularly and reading Yuan Tze’s book and my body was feeling better. The aches and pains were not there when I regularly practiced. I had more control of my moods and racing mind. But I was not really committed to this form of thinking and exercising.

But I had no concept of how desperate my garden was for love and care and nurturing and weeding and well…just plain love and compassion!

If I had embraced the Ren Xue system earlier with more vigour, and gone to more Qigong lessons with my excellent teacher Isla, my garden would have been in much better shape. All aspects of my life would have been a lot better.

At least now though I have done the retreat and had a HUGE Qi blast! I really can feel a strong ‘Qifield ‘ as it’s called – really we all can feel them – we just don’t know what to call them! Anytime you have ‘felt’ the presence of another person or the ‘energy’ a place has – peaceful, harmonious, restful or disturbing and uncomfortable – you have been feeling Qi.

So now, I can feel it. And I have more of it which translates into more energy and a feeling of vitality.

I have had many tools giving to me in the past from various wonderful teachers who have helped me grow enormously and I think the timing of this course was right for me to help synthesize all that I have learned and give me the motivation to finally DO the things I knew how to do!

One of the biggest shifts was to go from intellectually KNOWING that I was the source of most of my problems to actually understanding it and finally ‘getting’ that I had to look inwards and stop blaming my husband, my busyness, stress, life events, my emails, my work, my travelling and anything else I could think of – all of which were legitimate – except for my husband of course!!

I realized that I was the ONLY gardener my garden had.

I planned it (unconsciously), planted it, created it, looked after it for a while and then treated it very badly. It was a wonderful garden though and did it’s very best to last as long as it could through all the rough seasons and droughts and pest plagues I put it through! I suspect, had I not decided to take this responsibility of being my own gardener back at this time, my garden would not have been there much longer! Certainly, not without some major disorder anyway.

How is your garden? How have you been as a gardener? Have you expected others as I did to come along and look after your garden.

Or did you expect people to come and fix the problems – do the weeding for you every so often? To water it and fertilize it for you? Sadly, that does not work for very long. Only we can be the perfect gardener who can truly keep the garden and all the plants growing so they are in a vibrant, healthy, full of life condition.

What do you need to do?

Ren Xue teaches you how to look at the patterns of thinking we have in place that determine our habits which create our behaviour and world. It gives us a way to stay calm and relaxed and joyful all the time – but it takes effort. Nothing in life comes easily without a price!

To grow and develop ourselves means we have to be conscientious gardeners and be aware of the constant adjustments necessary to keep this garden being its best.

This is already long enough, so I can’t tell you more of what we learned – but it was very powerful and at last, I have taken the responsibility back for my garden and I am determined to create a vibrant and beautiful and thriving garden again!

I am in awe of what the Qigong exercises can do and even more in awe of how when combined with the principles of Ren Xue, what a difference it can make.

Take action now – read the books; find a Yuen Tze trained teacher; visit the website www.yuantzecentre.com. And you will find if you stick to your commitment to create the life you want – to recreate the garden you had as a child and to treat it well, you will probably eliminate all the physical pain in your body and most of the emotional!

You will be calmer, less stressed, more joyful, more focused, productive, more creative, have happier relationships and just overall making the most of your life – your gorgeous garden. Not only will you love it – others will notice it and ask you what you have done! And then you can start to help them repair their garden.

Ren Xue is about helping yourself and then helping others!

PS another powerful thing happened at the retreat and I have to thank Eve for it! My mother died 5 years ago and is still with me everyday! But while my garden was neglected and dying, I was not listening to her very much! Dorothy, a dear friend of my Mum’s, said to me some months ago with great concern in her voice – Amanda STOP! She had dreamt the night before that my mother had visited her and told her that she HAD to tell me to ‘stop and smell the roses’!

Of course I largely ignored that because ……I was too busy. I could not slow down, there was too much to do. (Read, ‘what garden??” HUH? My garden is just fine thank you – like the old lady with the broken leg – I didn’t have anything wrong with me!)

Well, Eve’s cat had been cured during one of the sessions at our retreat. It sat in the Qifield during one of the healing sessions that Yuan Tze conducts for the group – that’s all it did – no one knew it was there. Eve took her cat to the vet 2 days later and its diabetes and kidney disease was all gone! Honest story! I was there and spoke to Eve about it.

Out of gratitude Eve brought in the most beautiful smelling roses each day and made a magnificent flower arrangement to sit next to Melissa and Yuan Tze. Of course, most roses these days you see in florist shops don’t seem to have any smell, but Eve’s were all incredibly strongly scented! Needless to say, I smelled the roses each day several times and am going to plant a rose garden when I am home!

Thank you Mel (our friend who invited us to meet Yuan Tze and introduced us to Isla), Isla, Eve, Mum and Yuan Tze and Melissa for teaching me how to make my garden beautiful again!

– Amanda Gore

THE 2010 RETREAT AT KAIAPOI WAS THE FIRST QIGONG/REN XUE RETREAT that I have attended. Before I went to the retreat I read the testimonials and one in particular stood out. It declared how wonderful everything appeared after the two weeks; birds, trees and flowers were all more beautiful. I wondered if this was possible.I was slightly apprehensive beforehand and not as prepared as I could have been. After letting myself get very stressed during the year and only practising Qi Gong sporadically, I was definitely low in qi and not in a particularly good state. It was exciting arriving, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. However, by the time we had the group healing, I realised how tired I was and began to look forward to a good night’s rest. But instead I started to have reactions due to the strong qi field. Bizarre dreams were only a part of this. With every day came different emotional reactions. Some of these were very hard to deal with and quite unexpected. I had rather naively thought I was quite free of problems and didn’t realise I had so many emotional issues to deal with! Luckily I had my wonderful Mum there to help me through my reactions. Although it was difficult it also felt good because I knew that I was clearing problems and making progress on life and health.

By the second to last day of the retreat I felt completely different, energised and joyful. Two feelings that had been rather lacking during the year! On the last day it was hard to leave, so many wonderful people and a strong, supportive qi field. But the whole way home I had a new outlook on life. Everything and everyone seemed perfect and beautiful. I found that greeting people, from petrol station attendants to shop assistants, with joy meant I received a joyful, kind response. The retreat definitely gave me the wake-up call I needed to encourage me to work on life and health. I am so glad I attended so that I can continue to work on life in a positive way and later help others to do the same. Since returning home I haven’t found it quite as easy to get into a good state as at the retreat but it is far easier than before as I now know what state I am meant to be in and can work towards this each day.




– Amelia Opie

MY PERSONAL “CONFUSION OF REAL AND UNREAL” (many of you would certainly recall this headline of one chapter of Voyage to the Shore Part 1)Since two years and three retreats now, I am “fighting” with my Self to break through the boundaries within my world of what I believed to be true or real and unreal – and what seems to be real around Yuan Tze and his world of Qi and Consciousness.

Besides asking all of us to do our regular practice – for OUR OWN benefit – I have never before heard Yuan Tze ask for something except at the end of this retreat – he would like us to write a testimonial – not for himself but so others can read about our experiences and be inspired to join in REN XUE.

He must think we can help others with it – otherwise he wouldn’t ask.

So I am more than happy to do my best to share mine and hopefully inspire you to be able to open yourself up, and to grab the opportunity to empower yourself and become understanding of the responsibility you have for yourself!

Mostly with hard work, slowly and often painful, ☺ but – for my part – with consistently improving RESULTS!

Here we go:
What is reality for us?
And where does it come from? What is “real”?
Do we need…
…to eat otherwise we starve?
…a place to live?
…someone to talk to and someone who talks to us to receive information or not be alone?
…to sit in school and sit exams so we get a good job and are someone?
…a car, snowboard, bike, holidays, movies, books, ect.?
…to work because we need money for phone and electricity bills?
… coffee, sugar and all the other drugs?
…someone who makes us healthy when we are sick?
… to know who or what makes us sick!?!?

Do the answers to those questions all sound like banal reality to you? Does your reality look like that as well? Or is it just mine?

So: Is it reality?

Through Yuan Tze or better, his teachings and Ren Xue Qigong practice I found out that a lot of what I thought to be my reality was actually unreal:

My love of fast and lots of food made me feel heavy, slow and unhappy – inside.

My excitement about challenging myself in big waves windsurfing actually scared me – inside.

The exhilaration of jumping high cliffs and race boys on snowboards and mountain bikes made me extremely tired inside instead of extremely “cool” outside.

Watching movies so I wouldn’t have to be in the “stupid and evil” world out there turned me into a lazy and bored person inside instead of a common modern woman.

Working with Energy Medicine, which brings amazing results made it possible, so I could charge a lot and have a lot of time at the beach “just being” inside but didn’t particularly define me as a compassionate being.

As a child I was wondering why the kids living next door or in school would be cruel to each other. Later on why my boss must be such a …! Or why the doctor couldn’t help this and that person or the politicians just wouldn’t do the right thing!

Having access to Yuan Tze’s gathered knowledge and wisdom AND to see it applied by himself year after year has turned my real into unreal –

Living in the 21st Century makes it easy to believe, that we are living without an authority regarding the Self, Spirit or Soul – choose the term you prefer for yourself.

Living with Ren Xue, the whole thing looks a tiny little bit different:

My reality is: I am answerable at any given moment to my personal “master” – my own consciousness and its possible expansion. Therefore I am creating a healthier next minute, day, week, month, year, century, life… for myself.

Nontheless, it seems to be unreal how calm I can feel like since I have broken through fighting with my Self and JUST do my Qigong practice regularly.

It seems to be unreal how relaxed I can be around the theme of my future (job, money, death, health issues and so on)

It seems to be unreal how happy I can be, finally being able to be inside.

It seems to be unreal how joy is the main emotion day in, day out.

It seems unreal simply being happy most of the time – I am far away of being always in the present moment and be calm, relaxed, natural and joyous but to me it is unreal how much I am.

There is so much work to be done still but at least I know there is a possibility to obtain real calm, relaxed and natural happiness.

Because of how I felt at the retreat during 3 Centers Merge Standing Form for the time span of 105 min. if I can feel like that during Standing Form, than I will be able to feel like this day in day out – one day!

And because of the little episode that happened to me at the 10th morning of this years retreat:

After morning practice, I wandered back from the practicing room to have breakfast. This short walk leads you through a lot of trees. When I turned around the corner of the last trees, the morning sun shone on me quite suddenly.

Just close your eyes for one moment yourself – can you imagine and feel this special kind of “morning sun feeling” – bright, soft and golden – it is so incredible.

Can you truly feel it?

The moment this sun hit me, some strange feeling overcame me – something wasn’t quite right! But what was it?

Clueless I looked inside to find out what was going on…

The next thought literally dumfounded me!

And it was really almost like a shock – this glorious morning sun didn’t as usual brighten up my whole being – because already the sun was shining INSIDE me and in this moment it was so bright and still and calm in me that I suddenly understood what Yuan Tze means with having the sun shining inside you at all times!

So take it from someone who struggled through two year against regular Qigong practice!

It is so well worth it! Don’t give up! Enjoy it.

– Andrea Harris

FIRSTLY I WANT TO SINCERELY THANK YUAN TZE, our living Teacher and also Melissa, the voice and pathway of such valuable teachings. It is a deep relief, knowing Ren Xue will continue to thrive for people with an affinity to this wisdom.Before arriving to the retreat I was quite anxious with the state of my life and unsure about my ability to keep up with the intensive Qigong practice as well as the high level of the teachings during the retreat. It was difficult for me to leave my 2 beautiful daughters for 2 whole weeks but Yuan Tze had assured me that it would be well worth it for all of us. And I was able to call them regularly which softened the challenge – at least on that level…

When I arrived I felt quite depleted from the life I had been creating for myself. I had allowed myself to be ruled by the stress of everything that needed to be done. I enjoyed life to a certain level but knew I was not really satisfying some important part of me. At times I would quietly admit to myself that I was a little dissatisfied with my life. I just couldn’t see it clearly enough to change. My emotional world was also growing more intensity but I didn’t think that I was completely accountable for that.

The retreat was an amazing opportunity on so many levels. On a physical level I feel very nourished and strengthened and lengthened by the regular practice of Qigong. The rigorous time table gave me a chance to replenish a much healthier rhythm which included 3 most delicious meals a day and good amount of sleep.

From the outside, it may have appeared that each day was fairly similar at the retreat, and yet my internal world was an epic and vivid adventure. Over the 2 weeks I had several experiences both during and outside of practices which were expansive beyond the realm of physicality. This reaffirmed for me in a tangible way – Qi, matter and consciousness.

These 2 weeks have given me a moment to gaze through wider eyes at my life and a moment to glimpse back at those wider eyes… To briefly encounter the true master of life that I have been so busy ignoring to the point that I didn’t even know I’d lost one… It gave me an opportunity to see the potential for growing a forest deep inside myself so that there is more abundance for a true master to reside.

I came with my loving partner who thought we were going on a romantic retreat together while also doing a little Qigong. It was an awakening for us both… Some difficult relationship patterns emerged and I encountered the challenge of feeling deeply emotional at times during the retreat. Although there may have been some reactions going on from being in to the powerful Qifield and receiving Qi healings, I was still faced with these emotional responses.

I failed to catch my reactions a couple of times and suddenly the reactivity between my partner and I would escalate. I would very quickly feel completely depleted, more so than when I had experienced these patterns before the retreat. I began to see a bit more clearly that my emotions are ultimately symptomatic of deeper patterns inside myself and in the meantime I’m causing damage. So I began digging deep to see if I could find the patterns of behaviour informing my emotional responses instead of blaming my partner for what he’d said or done. Although I only scratched the surface in my digging, this was still enough to give me a good example of the progress possible with the incidents that followed.

There was a few times during the retreat that arose, where I would normally have engaged in an emotional battle with my partner, but instead, with a bit more awareness of a particular pattern, I managed effortlessly to maintain a warm loving smile, deep on the inside. These were such noteworthy moments for me personally even though they were seemingly insignificant every day challenges. This was because the joy I felt was widely enhanced and my sense of wellness was markedly more voluminous. And the situation in those moments resolved stunningly and did not escalate in ways I could usually predict. Like water off a ducks back and thus no traction for our usual emotion driven patterns of engagement.

So I return to my life with some hope. I know I’m not cured of myself and that the journey of self awareness, self development and working on life can be arduous and challenging. I want to accept the gift being offered here with all I’ve got but know I have many hills to climb. My prayer is that I will have the strength of spirit to keep getting back up even when I fall down. I don’t even know if I’ve made any real progress in wiping the mirror on my life and the few small breakthroughs I experienced are overshadowed by the work I know I need to do. But… I have hope and that’s a lot more than what I went in with! It is a precious thing, this hope…

With Gratitude, Respect and Hope,

– Angel Neshama

My Kiwi Qigong experience was beyond the beyond feeling blessed!!!From the day I met Yuan Tze in CA last July, for only a day, without any previous Qigong experiences, it was like being pulled forward by a strong wind (his Qi), feeling drawn to go further into his deep teaching. Thus, the retreat was meant to happen. Bathing into a qifield among 160 people from different walks of life under the vigilant guidance of our teacher, Yuan Tze and his charming and hard working translator, Melissa, has been beyond the beyond feeling blessed for 14 silent days. They were one of a kind people and the lessons and love were always in store for us by practicing acceptance any time of the day. The retreat was designed like a beautiful microcosm of loving and caring people. We were family, responsible to ourselves, to others, to the community, to the planet and the whole Universe. Every moment was an opportunity to feel the Qi, even standing in line for the meals.

This experience has softened my mind and opened more space from the inside out. The practice at some points, even though I’ve been practicing different exercises modalities for years, has been challenging but it seemed that I was ready to just go out my comfort zone to surrender to the practice gently, letting go of any form of mind conditioning. For the length of the 3 CM practice, discomfort I felt at times, or surprisingly liberating, and it was most likely be a little of both. Underneath the discomfort, I was probably finding excitement and energy as I was taking the risk of unblocking the natural flow of energy in my life. It was like dismantling parts inside me, because most of the effort involves clearing our own inner obstacles so that the river of our life can flow unobstructed. Once we remove the obstacles, we can simply go with the flow, trusting the changes that follow.

The training was in fact designed day by day, moment to moment, to recreating ourselves. Yuan Tze leading Qi has enlightened my heart, and propelled me to another level of consciousness. His daily teaching was revealing the simple truth of life, addressing almost every human being issues, thus, helping us to reprogram, unblock and awaken our sub-conscious mind, releasing our barriers to receive abundance Qi. Each of his words was an inspirational speech. That’s how you recognize a great teacher!

Learning and unlearning that’s what I’m becoming skilled at most. The wealth of being is seen as the ultimate gift of Qi because Qi connects and aligns us with the flow of this Divine energy and the self within. In this connection and alignment, we experience wealth from the inside out…with the richness of our inner world reflected in our outer life. This congruency and integrity gives us a deep sense of wholeness. It is a quality of life fulfillment that grows from the inside out – from a state of such profound peace, profound sweetness and profound expansion that it is not dependent on anything external. It arises from the undisturbed infinite peace that lies within us when we are in conscious connection with our true self and the energy of the Universe. That’s the reward I received during the retreat.

Thank you Yuan Tze, Thank you Melissa for your brilliant, powerful Qi and leading me into your qifield, and my authentic self.

With gratitude, and loving, caring Qi,

– Anyo Beaupere

SUMMING UP: TO PARTICIPATE DURING A 14 DAYS RETREAT with Yuan Tze and Melissa is a great benefit. After this retreat I actually feel like I have left some of my old myself behind – parts that don’t want to see again.As you already know – some days before leaving for Christchurch I got pain attacks from my left kidney, which showed to be small kidney stones. Thinking about it, I have had a little difficult to urinate in the toilet during the last year. During the last months before the retreat I practiced Five Qi Hunyuan forms more intensively. During this time I have felt some pain from the left kidney. My guess is that the stones started to move due to the training as I specially practiced the hollow lower back arch lower back. Now when the stones are gone, I have no problems at the toilet.

About the retreat. As you know I have practiced Qigong in Sweden some time and even done some teaching. However my teacher did not teach much theory so his students did not know much about what they practiced. This silence started a lot of speculations and discussions and guesses. By reading your book ‘Voyage to the shore’ I suddenly got a much better understanding about Qigong. Many questions got their answers.

Then my first retreat last year was like a big awakening. Besides the training I also got some understanding about the law of life, law of Qi, law of universe and some initial understanding of how to live a good life for myself and also to the benefit of others. By participating in the 2010 retreat this understanding has deepened a lot. Actually, I don’t feel quite like the same person when coming home. And I think it is for the better.

Also my body has changed. My shirts feel tight over the shoulders. My hips were somewhat relaxed before but now they are even more relaxed. And I am decisive not to go back to the state like Yuan Tze describes when the bear walks around picking up sticks but then lose them again and sometimes lose more that he picks up.

I feel also very happy when I see your assistant teachers. They work together and many of them actually like to spend their free time trying to teach the movements to those who needs. Also the admonitions from Yuan Tze when something should be changed are good. They are long, but long enough some we don’t forget.

The place: Very relaxed, exactly what is needed and the food is quite good too.

So, these two retreats are the best Qigong retreats I have participated in. I come from Sweden and have to travel between 30 – 40 hours to come to Kaiapoi. But it is worth every moment.

Many Qi greetings to you all.

– Arne Nordgren

THE RETREAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST REWARDING THINGS I have experienced in my life. I commenced practicing Zhineng Qigong in May 2010 and have built up a collection of practice CD’s, through encouragement of our group in Christchurch I came to believe in Qigong of enhancing my health and wellbeing. This was further vindicated at the 2010 Retreat where through practice and discipline I realized the whole Ren Xue making practice and consciousness the cornerstone of what we were achieving. There were no shortcuts just hard work. Perhaps the most inspirational thing for me were the lectures by Yuan Tze whose vision and understanding of life, of social responsibility, of enjoyment and care for humanity give me hope of a new future REN XUE. My lifetime journey has moved to another level.Thank you to you and Yuan Tze for the opportunity.

– Bernie O’Brien

I FIRST HEARD OF YUAN TZE AT THE WEEKLY QIGONG CLASSES I had been going to in Dunedin for about a year. Through those classes and some hands on treatment from the practitioner who ran them I had felt considerably better about my self and life in general. A poster on the wall there advertised Yuan Tze’s seminar and healing tour, with sessions to be held in Dunedin in September. I thought if I could feel so much better by training with a trainee of Yuan Tze’s, how would it be to meet the man him self?I wasn’t disappointed. At the seminar the first quality to strike me was humility, no fan fare or fuss was made, he was just there, flask in hand, easeful in his movements and relaxed in his manner. Throughout the evening he poured out wisdom as he answered questions from the floor – over two and a half hours later two questions had been answered.

When it came time for the healing we were asked to hold a Qi ball between our hands. As one who normally seems to have the sensitivity of a log, the buzz between my palms was a quiet revelation. This was the real thing.

At a private healing session with him the next day he diagnosed various Qi deficiencies that were eroding my quality of life. He poured qi into me and prescribed half an hour of standing form Qigong every day for three months.

I enrolled for the retreat on the spot and set myself to the practice.

Two and a half months later I drove into the qifield of the Kaiapoi retreat with my main concern being the expectation of having to do prolonged standing form. My practice at home became very wobbly after 35 to 40 minutes, whereas its time at the retreat was scheduled to increase daily to a maximum of one and a half hours. Apart from that, although I really did arrive with the aim of personal growth, my underlying attitude was that of a consumer. I had paid my money and expected the service. I anticipated some interesting lectures on life, a chance to learn and practice some new Qigong methods and to spend a couple of weeks unencumbered by the need to make small talk. Great.

The reality was a bit different and although the length of standing form time was hard, it became the lesser of my concerns.

Yuan Tze asked us to start working on our patterns – the habitual tendencies that ruled our lives and stopped us from being true to our selves. He took every opportunity to show how these patterns dictated our state of being from moment to moment. False fire alarms and even two earthquakes were given as examples of external events that shouldn’t shake our inner state from calm, relaxed, natural joy. But external events didn’t need to be earth shaking in magnitude to stir up our patterns.

My smile wasn’t returned. Offence taken, judgement made. Such was my pattern around people. All of us bound by the discipline of silence, no reassurance was available. Standing in the glare though, was my need for external approval.

As each day passed Yuan Tze exhorted us to make the most of our time on the retreat. You knew that he could read your personal qifield like an open book at any time of the day and that any lack of effort would prompt an insistent request for us go deeper still. These ‘tellings off’ as he called them though, were always delivered with such respect and true concern for the success of our experience on the retreat; there was no sense of belittlement. You knew you just had to keep digging.

And that’s how it went. I’d have a break through and think ‘Now I’ve got it’ feel free, light and open and then just as quickly feel bad about something and face another layer of anxiety. Through this process though, I came face to face with two major patterns that have been ruling my life for as long as I can remember, lack of self-trust and thinking the worst about any given situation I might be facing. The power of Ren Xue teachings enhanced by the strength of the qifield, and the healing sessions given by Yuan Tze and trained teachers at the retreat all allowed me to connect with my inner truth in a real way and gave me the tools to tackle the patterns effectively.

I have been put in touch with my true inner master in a quite tangible way and given the chance of an uplifted future. The responsibility now lies with me to weave all the gifts I received at the retreat into my daily life and make that uplifted future a reality.

As for the consumer who arrived at the retreat? Even he thinks it was the best money he ever spent.

– Doug Thomson

I write with overflowing gratitude for all that has happened to me since our first meeting in California.Your strong intention and sharp knife have pierced the essence of my being, opening me to allow inner spaciousness of Qi and growth of consciousness.

They have awoken me in the middle of the night and allowed me to grasp the deepest essence of the Ren Xue teachings.

This journey has uncovered deep unhealthy patterns to be uprooted and released but the rewards of that deep work are beyond anything I have previously experienced. I have felt your guidance and encouragement in all aspects of my life.

Upon embarking on the reading of the “Voyage to the Shore”, I found my consciousness experiencing great shifts and openings.

My ability to be relaxed, calm and natural seemed to blossom and flower on its own. The teachings became alive within me and propelled me on a path of self discovery, greater insight and well being. My health improved instantly as well as I gained awareness of how to conserve Qi.

The retreat created a new vessel for continued growth and inner cultivation.

Although there were uncomfortable times of great upheaval, tears, attempts to run away and other means of self evasion, the retreat provided the structure, qifield and inner and outer support necessary to confront inner weaknesses. I arose from the great shattering that I experienced very much altered. There is more inner expansion; the Shen is clearer, calmer and more present. I have a deep dedication now to continue to improve my life, with Ren Xue and Qigong practice as the primary focus of my daily existence.

I have no doubt that this is just the beginning of the journey. Thank you again for offering me and everyone this opportunity to become a person of greater depth, wisdom and insight.

– Elaine Livengood

How can I express my gratitude for the opportunity to be on the retreat. It was an experience I never expected, because before the retreat I could not have imagined what would happen to me.I am a beginner in Ren Xue and have been practicing on and off for about a year before the retreat. However, my long-term patterns of rushing, pushing, anxiety and otherwise frittering away my Qi had started to manifest in physical ways such as heart palpitations and abdominal pain… Still I was spending Qi quicker than I could possibly replenish it. I sensed a premature aging in myself after three children in seven years, prolonged breastfeeding, a divorce and a stressful job as an Emergency Doctor, and I was scared.

On arrival in the qifield I developed a sensation of coolness and something unfamiliar in my chest/abdominal area. It flickered, in and out. My customary anxiety went into hyper drive and the fire alarm going off only served as a mirror for my own inner state. But I was still smiling. I saw the worsening of my symptoms as a sign that change was happening. Every day, soaking in the medicine of Qi and positive information, love and support from my Ren Xue family.

At the second healing the sensation in my chest ripped open. A hole literally opened up. An alive, responsive space, wafting open and closed like a sea creature responding to the currents of the ocean. It felt like inside the hole was a bottomless expanse. Like finding the world is not actually flat as it looks on first glance. An inner landscape totally overlooked in my thirty-seven years. I learned that this hole would surge wide with the emotion of joy or for example, the image of my sons. It would shrink shut with fear or worry or pushing for something to happen.

Later that day, another hole opened around lower Dantien. I discovered I could literally push an energetic hand (like my ‘real’ hand, only made of blue light) into this hole and make circles which opened it so wide that I gasped. During practice, if I kept my focus light, relaxed and joyful, I would remain open and Qi would flow nicely. If I tried to force it, the flow became choked.

My anxiety has improved massively. The heart and abdominal problems cleared up. More importantly though, I have begun to sense some substance to my self when before I felt so empty and fragile all the time. Stretching Qi and Three Centres Merge are my friends. They help this feeling of solidity and calm to grow.

So, I am still in nappies from a Ren Xue perspective. But I am eyeing the world outside my crib, and every day I will my limbs to move and my neck to support my baby head. One day I will crawl over the edge and explore further and further.

Yuan Tze, I wanted to give you some keys – a symbolic gift for the ‘keys’ you have helped me to find, to a house I never knew I had. My whole life, it was like I was begging on the streets when all the time I had a real home, neglected and unexplored. Each practice I do oils the hinges to the doors of this house. Every day I open the doors just a tiny bit further. I am very determined, and very happy because finally I am able to help myself. Then I will fulfill my life’s destiny – to really be able to help others on a deeper level than I can currently imagine.

Thank you.

Very much love,

– Fran Halford

THE RETREAT OF 2010 HAS TAKEN ME TO A NEW LEVEL of active participation in the way my life manifests both internally and externally. The shift to owning life and life experiences the empowering and also the responsibility for ones life to date and the present moment and the future to come in all ways from health and well being to life development and personality, the jump to taking responsibility on this fundamental level for everything was a big step. I had grappled with all year on a subconcious level and manifested on the retreat so that I am no longer disempowered by things externally but am responsible for these things and also having the true respect and understanding to love myself and accept and then take right action. The power is in my hands to create change in my life not anyone else’s, and the master is inside waiting and getting closer as the patterns are dispersed and deeper levels of unification occur. It’s all inside ourselves. It’s just a matter of how willing we are to make the right effort and to open the heart in true respect.

– Greg Kendrick

I HAVE WRITTEN AN ‘EASY EXTRACTABLE” TESTIMONY below and the poem I wrote in the final teaching class on the day we left. Really it is aimed at all the attendees on the retreat because each one taught me something…Teacher
I’ll guide you through the darkened wood
I’ll be there where your nightmares stood
I’ll open up the gates of life
I’ll hold you through the stress and strife…
and when your dark night starts to fade,
your path is open, your first step made…
and when your light begins to shine,
your body calm, your mind sublime
I’ll be there still to hold your hand
and guide you through the wonderland.

Kaiapoi Retreat New Zealand

To withdraw from “normal” 21st Century life was physically and mentally a struggle until I stepped into the qifield.

A qifield full of support and understanding that instilled a sense of security and warmth from the beginning.

The steady gentle (but firm) hand of Yuan Tze guided us with clear potent information that seemed to resonate to my core.

A full, integrated timetable catering to the ebbs and flows of our inner renovation commenced its effects immediately.

The teaching of Ren Xue, wisdom culture gave me profound leaps in understanding of the ‘false self’, negative patterns and habits and generally the true meaning/workings of life. Qigong practice gave me the true meaning of what it is to be unified in mind body and Qi… the true feeling to be opened up and connected with the universe from the heart. Health has started to be a vibrancy rather than a blockage.

I have emerged with a new level of confidence for teaching, a new determination and trust in my ability to heal and a deep connection with not only every person at the retreat but every human, tree, plant, rock, star, ant…

I cherish my time there. I feel fresh, alive, resilient, strong, courageous, calm, steady, open and best of all full of joy.

So thank you Yuan Tze and thank you Melissa from the bottom to the top of my being.

Much Love and Qi,

– Isla Griffin-Wilson

THIS YEAR WAS A DIFFERENT KIND OF RETREAT FOR ME. Normally I look forward to my two weeks away from the busy state of my life so much. It gives me a chance to be quiet and relaxed in a way which previously I often find very challenging in normal life. A chance to review my life, to strengthen my Qi, to learn and be inspired by Yuan Tze, his wisdom, compassion, and ability to work with life in human form.This year, the work of the previous retreats I have attended was much clearer to me in the lead up to the retreat. I could tune in to and help build the qifield for the retreat beforehand. I could tune into the teachings that were part of the fabric of the retreat. I wasn’t looking forward to the retreat, anywhere near as much, because I was enjoying my normal everyday life so much more! The difference that the work on myself in retreat, in learning, teaching, and healing using Ren Xue and Zhineng Qiong has made is immense.

My life is more simple, less cluttered, and I am so much more healthy. Along the way my family has become happier, more fun, and more respectful towards each other. Our animals benefit from healings done with them, our friends and families too. Instead of our previous sense of hopelessness and anger towards the imbalance of mankind and nature, resources and consumerism, and the effect on the planet, our lives are now laced with true respect for nature, strengthened by determination to act in each moment to help the natural world. We work to heal nature in ourselves, our families, the environment and the whole planet, to bring all elements of the microcosm and macrocosm into harmony and balance.

We use these values to discuss and deepen our understanding of many areas of life. Today’s discussion might be centered around what is good to buy, or how to spend our time, the direction of our lives, how to cook, or how to care for our house and garden.

Yesterday we were discussing food Qi and Shen (energy and consciousness). One of my children and I were discussing the more complicated laws of food balance and healing, the nature of hot v. cold foods, the balance of flavours etc. The youngest in our family then piped up with his contribution.

“I think”, he said, “that the laws of good eating are

  1. You cook in a good state with love
  2. You eat in the same state and appreciate everything that is on your plate.”

That seemed to sum it up. And it made us laugh too, because like all of us, he is still learning to walk the talk, to practice the wisdom that he knows… and to eat his greens!

And so in all the different “foods” of life experience that come to me I am learning more and more to appreciate whatever it is, and to eat and digest it, rather than running from it, becoming anxious about it, or tying myself up in knots about it. I still have a long way to go between knowing what is a good way to be, and being it, as do my children, but to know is the beginning.

So, I ask myself, how was the retreat for me this year? It was absolutely amazing.

More than I could have imagined and deeper than I knew was possible. To see how life can be, the beauty and simplicity of life becoming calm, relaxed and natural. To see that life, my life, that of other human beings, can be as beautiful and natural as a flower opening to the sun. To see that what gets in the way is me, not others, not the people who are in my life or the problems that come up.

The problems, the illnesses, the tensions, are the plants and flowers of who I am in the world. They are created by my patterns interacting with the mesh of the universe. There will always be a garden; there will always be weeds and flowers; there will always be a gardener. The way the garden of my life works depends on me, on the wisdom, and the skill with which I garden, with which I realize that this is MY garden, that what I do here is MY practice, to clear and work this piece of land, this life. And then from there to help, teach, and sustain others. Not to move out of my own patch into theirs and start gardening it for them. But to share what I have learnt and grown without discrimination, with true respect to any that wish to learn.

What does this mean for me on a concrete level? It means I am sleeping well now. It means my joints, in years past stiff and sore, are well and move freely now, and that at this retreat I learnt to sit cross-legged for good periods of time. I have only been trying to do this for 5 years… It means I feel energized. It means I learnt to ‘push the mountain’. It means that I learnt to smile with my heart first. This morning I shared with my family how much tension I had found in my face during practice, because I smile when my head tells me I should. Today out in the world our family are practicing smiling first in our chests, and then letting our face follow.

How is this a Qigong practice? Well, we have the knowledge that our internal Qi is activated by joy. And unified with the knowledge is the practice of true respect for our Qi by constantly bringing ourselves into a state of quiet joy and staying in that state as well as we can. A smile comes from joy, but Qi is not activated by a smile that is placed on the face because we have told ourselves we SHOULD be feeling joyful! I became even more familiar with my reference system directed smile on this retreat. It appears in response to thought patterns like “SMILE NOW you want that person to think good things about you/to think you are happy/to look nice for the photo/to pretend that Yuan Tze has not seen that you have let that reaction get a hold of you…”

So, if there is a smile in the heart, the Qi of the chest is activated, flowing more freely through the whole body. The body is healthier. The Shen is heart- mind as one, so the smile strengthens Shen too, bringing calm and stability to the consciousness. The internal and the external are the same. When we make a connection then with the external and we are already smiling all over, joy can arise externally also by induction or resonance into your surroundings, be they human, animal or anything else. Jealousy and judgment, I have been finding, destroy the smile far more effectively than missing teeth.

For me this retreat was a huge challenge. I had some reactions, yes, some earthquakes which I didn’t handle as well as I wanted to, some very strong emotional patterns clearing. At the time they felt quite overwhelming, even after all this time knowing intellectually what they are. I am very thankful for the methods of Zhineng Qigong for getting me through, out to a clearer brighter place. When I came home after the retreat and saw my patterns at work with regard to the people around me whom I love, and the damaging effect of them, I became very upset. Then I became more upset about being upset. It doesn’t help to know how stupid you are when you are doing this does it?

But I went away and did my practice, this helped a lot; I talked to one of the other teachers, and this also helped a lot too. And now, I feel like a different person. The patterns are still there but I have made some progress with seeing them and changing them on point of activation, before they gallop away with my Jing-Qi-Shen. A pattern, I am learning, is any way of thinking and the associated behavior, which goes against the laws of life. What are these laws then? If I am in any doubt, I look at how I am feeling and what my Qi is doing when I am thinking or acting in a certain way. I have learnt on this retreat a little about what Qi can feel like when it is in a good state. If I don’t feel like that, I know my current thinking, and reacting, is not in accordance with the laws of life. I do my best, to correct it straight away, by focusing on Qi. And practicing. And practicing. And practicing.

So in summary, what did I learn? I learnt about being a student and feeling true respect for my teachers. I learnt about being a teacher and feeling true respect and compassion for students. I learnt that it is a law of life that I am at the heart and centre of my life. It is no ones’ responsibility but my own. So now I am learning how to put myself into life and practice, with everything I’ve got, and everything I am.

I brought my mind to a higher level of function and clarity. My memory is improving even though I am getting older. My compassion has deepened and my respiratory system is functioning much more clearly. I learnt about having true respect for all forms of life. It is with great joy that I see the effects of putting this teaching into place within my own family.

I learnt about healing on a new level. Those healings which I have given and received since the retreat feel as if they reach into a much more profound level of change than my previous experiences. I learnt an immense gratitude for those who have worked so hard on themselves and on life that they have been able to bring forth this wisdom to humanity. In humble gratitude I give my thanks to Yuan Tze, Melissa, the sages of the past, and the work of every single one of us, for the way it has helped my life, and the beauty and wisdom it has given me to help others.

– Dr Jackie Blunt

WHEN I FIRST MET YUAN TZE I WAS A VERY TROUBLED, hurt, angry and self loathing man, having a lot of troubles mentally and emotionally and not looking after myself very well.This is because of a lot of grief and pain around my own family dysfunction (mental illness – addiction issues -broken home, violence early life) and my patterns internally as a result. My relationships and over-riding body problems, self consciousness, anxiety and low self worth.

Although aware and knowing a lot in efforts at healing myself in a lot of other modalities, I still couldn’t practice a way to help my over all state of mind body and soul. Depression, anger, fatigue and manias ruled my life as well as hiding and dependencies and fear.

Since working with Sonny Chin in Dunedin..and attending his classes ..I was learning the principles of energy work and self care. Sonny guided us into the Yuan Tze practice forms, and I instantly knew and recognized there was authentic knowledge and transmission of a higher awareness that corresponded to my own latent abilities that I had been trying to activate sincerely in my professional art practice.

Yuan Tze and Melissa were a strange pair for me then…not at all western ” touchy feely ” healer type hippies. This was not a soft option and also incredibly compassionate and understanding. The qifield in the first group healing I think made connections go off in my mind that said this was a way to work on myself. It corresponded with all of the knowledge I had about wisdom and working on oneself.

Yuan Tze even came to one of my studios and took the time to look and see my work… and still does when I show in wellington.

Zhineng Qigong is not Yuan Tze. It is a tool for working on the energy centres and over all body mind and Qi. But Yuan Tze is a genuine high level teacher of profound practical experience and special abilities who has guided me into a process I was really looking for. Training and purpose to help myself and others. It’s been difficult to walk the path..confront patterns. It’s a daily struggle. But I can genuinely say that
I am happier;
I have a lot more love;
I know my “self” more and can see others more too.
I have insight, awareness and compassion and humility more.

Without Yuan Tze and Melissa and their dedication and service to Aotearoa New Zealand… and the effort of lifting our energy to a higher place… by our own effort… we would be like wasted potential.

I am in love with human potential… always have believed in what we are as spirit… and been horrified by the state of the industrial material age. Yuan Tze and all the people that contribute to the qifield and the genuine effort at helping themselves thru self-accountability and working with Qi and mind and body.

Thru these modern adaptations of ancient practices we work with, he skillfully meets us where we are at. Most of the time, he seems to baby us into things we were not aware we could do for ourselves. In between the lines there is subtle direction of strict training if we are aware and open to it. There is a high and guiding purpose of mastery involved at every point of this genuine and lovely human being, one I am very very lucky and grateful to have met and worked with.

The treasure of his country, the authority of experience and the kindness of universal compassion.. all admirable and good qualities of this true teacher. I am very very blessed for all he has helped me with and I am trying to be true to the information and potential of this work for myself and future people.


– James Robinson

THIS WAS MY SECOND RETREAT, AND AGAIN, it was beyond expectation. I had a detailed plan this year, which helped me enormously to achieve my goals. Also I’m very grateful to my three centres merge practice which I did every night since last years retreat. That made a profound difference to my life over the last year, providing a very solid base to reach my goals. What did I learn? So much. And what did I let go of? Things that I’ve struggling to change since childhood. Bang, gone in two weeks. Here are some things that stand out for me. Knowing that every positive thought, no matter how small or ‘unseen’, really does make a significant difference. That even though I’ve always known deep inside that the future of humanity in this lifetime could be filled with the most loving goodness for everyone, I never dared to really let myself hope it to be true. Now I know for sure that it is. Being shocked to realize that I didn’t smile with my whole heart any more and wondering how I could have lost that. The Qi healing sessions from the teachers, providing healing at the most fundamental level. I gained more understanding about how my consciousness works, and some of the more unusual ways I use it, and how to use them in a healthier way. But standing out most of all, was the work breaking the patterns. When I met a moment of absolute fear I was held with the most loving support. And as a pattern of shame transformed, the tenderness I was held with was from such a true heart, I cannot even begin to describe the feeling of it. The example that I was guided by was only ever encouraging and filled with the deepest compassion. I am truly a different person now and I know for sure that we can all achieve positive change together. This time when we left the retreat, instead of finding the airport chaotic, I noticed where there was harmony, and felt myself actually helping hold it and even build it further. All the possibilities of every moment do lie within us. We really can choose our future. All you have to do is give it a go!With much gratitude to Yuan Tze, Melissa and all of you who were there, helping each other achieve our goals.

– Dr Jeanette Spencer

DEAR YUAN TZE AND MELISSAThank you for all your dedicated efforts and commitment to helping everyone to uplift their lives. The retreat provided an intense opportunity to reflect on our inner processes and aspects of the self.

Qi therapy provided by teachers was a new experience for me. Seeing how it collaborates and enhances Qigong practice and exponentially increased my commitment to learn more perhaps at a faster pace. I was signficcantly helped by the Qi therapy. It was especially beneficial in clarifying my inner focus and processing of very old stagnant patterns. Also by learning new ways of helping others I also improve the contentment in my own life.

The change in format was refreshing and beneficial. Even though we were primarily silent the interactive processes gave me a better sense of the individuals within this growing family.

Connecting the human family to the Qi and support of the universe gives me hope for our survival and perhaps even the enhancement of our species.

Qi and love to you both,

– Jeanne S

p.s. Thank you for the watermelon.

p.p.s. See you in California.

THE 2010 RETREAT WAS MY FIRST (and definitely not my last!!). This is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to hear and absorb the gems of wisdom from Yuan Tze which have been gathered from thousands of years of wisdom culture. It is truly a remarkable experience to be in such a tremendous qifield, and to be learning about the Laws of Life. It is really comforting to know that such a thing exists. I have worked for years as a midwife and a remote area nurse in outback Australia, and tried to help people as much as possible under the banner of Holistic health and Primary Health Care. But now, having seen how Ren Xue works internally and truly from the individual and for the individual, I know that this is a very real way to resolve any problem in life. And the applications can be as far reaching as needed. Not only did I spend 2 weeks at the retreat finding tools and methods to work on my own patterns, I found clarity and vision for my future. Thank you Yuan Tze and Melissa for making this possible.

– Kath Rucks

I FEEL LIKE AFTER NEARLY 50 YEARS OF SEARCHING, I have finally found my place on the earth and purpose in life. And my family. At last my future seems bright and hopeful. I am totally committed to Yuan Tze’s vision and want to be involved, boots and all.

– Kim Knight

4 WEEKS TOMORROW SINCE I RETURNED FROM KAIAPOI, a great time to remind myself of some of the important things I discovered. Things have been moving fast and quite intensely since my return to life – all in the right direction. However, I need to remind myself. The path becomes brighter and more beautiful as my faith in myself and life grows. My true self shines brighter and it is painfully obvious when my false master is at work. However, I feel much more joy in dealing with life’s problems, patterns because I know now that with perseverance, endurance (ren) our consciousness/mind/Shen can strengthen and stabilize.The retreat was quite easeful even though the challenges and issues I needed to deal with were far from easy. However, I really need to celebrate and I feel so grateful and joyful that after many years, 35 to be exact I can finally let go of the past and move on. It is such a relief as there are enough things to work on in the present.

One particular evening in a deep Qigong state while sleeping this happened that I caught that flash, the information bubble that kept on haunting me and my consciousness choose not to register the information, it was just an empty bubble and it dissolved. I continue to try and catch that flash in daily life which is quite a task but well worth it as it is the only way to change one’s destiny.

Thank you Melissa and Yuan Tze for being the perfect “hosts” for the 2010 retreat as the main builders of the qifield. It was so nurturing to return to one’s essence and merge into oneness. The qifield of Ren Xue is definitely growing stronger, brighter and more pure everyday. We do this together as we continue to know ourselves better and heal ourselves we see and know humanity better. We are all eternally connected no matter which side of the planet we live on.

– Natalie Pollock

THIS RETREAT WAS MY FOURTH AND BEST. Every year, I think it was the definitely the best and yet every year it gets better; the qifield grows and develops and with it the opportunities for learning and making progress on every conceivable level and a few others besides. So wonderfully, does the heart of the Ren Xue family, even in silence. With half as many people again competing for resources this year; the shower at 6:00 am, leg room in the hall, the fruit at afternoon tea, the atmosphere remained one of support, caring and understanding. It was also singularly lacking in the judgment and associated condemnation that surrounds us at every turn in the ‘real’ world.As requested, I came to the retreat armed with a list of negative life patterns to work on. However, with nothing to focus on except the workings of my mind (punctuated by attention to the pain in my arms, the shake in my leg, and the occasional thought about what might be on the menu for the next meal) my original list mushroomed with PTO’s proliferating until the list is now literally almost as long as my arm. And it’s far from complete. It didn’t take much to realize that I personified Yuan Tze’s bear — picking up one Qi stick and dropping one, two or more. Fortunately, and gratefully, I have the tools to reverse that relationship.

My gratitude Melissa, teachers, my fellow practitioners, the power of Qi and to the Universe.

Above all, my gratitude goes to Yuan Tze who gives us access to a new and more hopeful reality.

– Ngaire Jehle

I ARRIVED AT THE RETREAT HAVING LIVED 39 YEARS of very very fulfilling life – a life full or amazing outdoors adventures, wonderful people, good meaningful work and travel experiences galore. The retreat immediately asked me to reconsider where this life was going, and who was driving it.?Within a couple of days the beauty of the inward focussed journey blossomed for me. It was a bit of a revelation at the time, as I would never have previously imagined that something so easy and challenging, so simple and complex, could be so beautiful and joyful. In hindsight though it was no surprise at all – I’d known this truth/reality all along, as we all do, but had allowed myself to be channelled into an almost entirely externally focussed life.

The retreat continued to challenge throughout the entire 2 weeks, and then by the time we finished I felt like I’d been totally rewired. I have plenty of work to do for myself now, and whilst that’s a bit daunting, it’s also very exciting. Overall it’s been a very humbling and rewarding experience to be part of the retreat. A big thankyou to Yuan Tze, Melissa and all the teachers who contributed so much to the retreat – I’m looking forward to Nov 2011 already.

– Ollie Clifton

After attending this 2-week Qigong retreat I have had a significant shift in my health and energy and reducing my fibromyalgia pain to less than 10%. Feldenkrais, transformational work, and acupuncture had reduced my pain considerably but being resourced with Zhineng Qigong and the principles of Ren Xue have allowed me to say “I am living my ideal life now”! As I continue to address waves/ripples in my journey through this life, I feel profoundly fortunate to have found Yuan Tze’s teachings.


– Pam Gow

ON THE FOURTH DAY OF THE RETREAT I whispered to my neighbour that this is the best thing I´ve done for myself in this life time, and despite the challenges it got better from there! This is also despite the fact that I´ve been doing Qigong for 9 years, I hadn´t previously been able to make it to a retreat. I believe and I´m reasonably qualified to say so, that there is currently nothing in terms of working at life cultivation that is better than this anywhere in the world. This is due primarily to the level and true ability of the teacher and the power of information in the qifield. It is also due to the excellent organization and routine of the retreat. When a group of people get together with a common goal of working on themselves to make positive change and to develop themselves and do it in an environment purposefully designed to help achieve this, it is something really powerful. By the end of the two weeks 160 people were like a big family and when I look at the group photo I think fondly of all the people like they were my own family members.

– Phil Johns

I FEEL A BIT AWKWARD WRITING A TESTIMONIAL. That word in US English refers to saying something about how well a product worked. How does one write a testimonial to a teaching that is about developing a life path? However, I do understand the sentiment and context within which this was asked of us and I was very touched that you, Yuan Tze shared that you would like to be inspired by our testimonials so I will do my best!I was aware of all that Yuan Tze was doing for us in terms of the qifield and cultivating the consciousness of it. I am so honored and grateful to be a recipient of this outpouring of his. It is a rare and precious gift and I was so grateful that I could be as open as I was during the retreat. I do think that I fully received the whole of what was offered to the best of my capacity and level at this time and also see the open doorway to my continued growth and development. I am aware that everything that I have experienced in my life has led me to this learning and that it is providing me with a “living integration” in my development.

I was in an altered state when I left the retreat. There was a tremendous sense of being energetically very open, brimming with life, radiant, luminescent very heart full and connected to great wisdom and love. This lasted for about ten days. I felt exquisitely sensitive, gentle and tender. I felt very internal yet completely connected to everything. Fortunately I didn’t need to talk very much and this gave me continuity as I made a very gradual transition back to the everyday world. Now as time goes on I am feeling more like my every day self except I know that I am very different. I can connect with this other consciousness more easily than I had been able to before and feel how it lives in me. I have a new awareness of how much support there is in the kind of qifield that we cultivated and am thinking that I must put my attention on connecting with that field within me and continue to cultivating it when I am by myself and out in the world in the same way that we did on the retreat. The knowing that I can actually do this and the importance of this and the desire to do this is new for me.

I so appreciated the supportive and strong container of the retreat. I appreciated the regularity and consistency of the schedule and the firm and gentle guidance to live together as a group and participate in keeping the integrity of the whole. That helped me to stay focused and create clarity, ease of being, unity, integrity, care, learning and belonging.

The silence for me was integral to the developing of the field and also to the shift in my consciousness. It was a great crucible for seeing myself more clearly and cultivating the values of Ren Xue, particularly the aspect of Respect. The silence gave me the opportunity to contemplate my behavior in regards to the principles and cultivate changes where necessary.

I learned so much and it is a whole unity of consciousness. Where to start to pull it apart for the sake of sharing? Each piece goes vertically through the whole of it as all connected. Also for me the words “learn”, “growth” and “develop” in reference to what happened for me are synonymous with the word “transform”.

To use a common U.S. term, I “dropped” very deeply into myself and found a sense of self that is no longer my ego personality identity. Of course I still recognize my old personality running around but it is now a VERY much smaller part of the “show” so to speak. It is as if I have climbed to higher ground and have a much vaster view. The higher ground, though, is deep within.

This is also connected to the experience of dissolving into the void. The more I dissolved into the void the deeper I dissolved into the void within. I have had brief moments of this in meditations previously, but now I feel rooted in this in a way that I have so longed for.

My experience of being Qi is very real and as a result I feel very much more connected to everything in a very real way. Not as a thought like was previously my experience but, through the felt sense of the qifield of life.

This supports my sense of what I am calling “loving responsibility” towards others. It is helping me to participate in life in ways that are more easily compassionate, spacious, and accepting. Previously I was approaching these principles from a mental state fueled by my emotional experience of what it felt like to be in those states. Now I am referencing from a different place in my being. A real felt sense of union and deep respect with all, including myself! I think that it has to do with my experience of Qi and the qifield.

I also have true and clear sense of my life path and have more spaciousness and patience in regards to that. This is a very important piece for me because previously I have had much internal conflict!

On a seemingly more mundane level, but not really, my health is improving. I have always felt very vital but in the last couple of years since completing menopause, I have felt more fragile and less radiant. Also, some chronic organ conditions of low function which I was never able to shift began to get worse and I was beginning to become very disturbed. This has shifted as a result of the intense healing that took place during the retreat and also of my new state of being and understanding of how to cultivate Qi and use it for healing and regeneration.

This is a very Big Deal. In my life I have been able to heal myself, but now I am in a new level of understanding and capacity. I feel very connected to the “matter” of life, the essential substance. It is me and I am it! I really understand this and this understanding shifts my relationship with healing and dissolves any separation and creates union.

I really “got” as we say in the U.S. the principle of creating positive references so to speak. Not just as a mental construct, as I mentioned before, but as a deep understanding of how this works for the healthy functioning of life.

In regards to my meditation, I had shifts into very deep states. I experienced dissolving into the void, becoming Qi, and Joy uplifting Qi. I also experienced inner visions during my meditations that emerged from the field within me. These inner visions were very powerful and beautiful and I was aware that they were emerging from a state of inner knowing. The content matters less than that this happened within me because these kind of inner visions usually do not. I am very grounded in the sensate realm and have a keen awareness of that but have not had these kind of inner visions. So this signifies an opening and shifting in my consciousness and also in my capacity to “see” internally. This is a tremendous contribution to my capacity for healing and growth.

Many psychological insights also occurred that connected my old belief systems or “references” to my physiological state of being as well as habitual deep mental states in more clear ways that I have previously understood. This is helping to make deeper shift in my patterns and be in a more loving relationship with myself.

I hope that this gives a small sense of what I have received. I realize that I can only speak from my level of consciousness and so please forgive anything that I have said that might seem “off” in anyway and if necessary let me know.

Once again, Thank you and warm wishes for your continues well being.

– Priya Rackoff

I HAD AN INTERACTION WITH A FRIEND who later acknowledged he was projecting some of his beliefs on me. It resulted in our being disconnected. This was difficult yet it helped me to look at my own reactions and patterning. I was able to let go of expecting anything to be different than the way it was.Ultimately I was able to make a shift in feeling an acceptance of myself and my friend as well. We had previously planned on traveling together after the retreat but the plans changed.

I felt excited about being on my own and was curious regarding what life would present. I had an opportunity to let go and trust that all was perfect. Even if “I“ didn’t like the outcome, I could see it was exactly what I needed to move to my next step.

My travels turned out to be wonderful. All went well. It turned out to be quite a freeing experience.

– Rachel Gila

REVIEW OF THE REN XUE RETREATHas your understanding of life improved?

I have a deeper understanding that life is in movement, especially because of the experiences during the retreat. I saw how the group lived and changed and how I lived and changed. I also saw how easy it was to go back to old patterns.

I have a deeper understanding of life in a human society, because of our group life under Yuan Tze’s guidance. I see that a society must follow the laws of qi like any living form.

I gained knowledge about myself through my reactions to specific people and situations during our group-life experience.

Fears hinder life.

I looked for the laws of life in molecular biology research. Now I look for them at a deeper and more comprehensive level in the movements and stillness of my qigong practice.

Are you clearer about the problems you have and have you made any progress in dealing with the problems identified?

Yes, and the progress is significant. I know, however, that it is only a beginning, because I pick up reactions and patterns in myself all the time, no matter how small and apparently insignificant the event or my reaction to it may be. For example, cleaning up after someone. Why am I doing this when it is not urgent? What will happen if I let it be?

Most importantly, I need to stop worrying. Things happening are life happening.

How much have you changed?

The most meaningful change I am aware of is how I am in relation to a place, a thing or a person. The relationships have the intensity they had when I was a child. I had lost that and knew it. Now I see so much beauty everywhere.

I am calmer, happier and clearer on where to place my attention and energy. I can see the change mirrored in my immediate family members. Any tension in them seems to dissipate quickly, they seem happier. Everything is lighter and easier.

On a playful note, electronic buttons on machines respond to my fingers now. This is new for me as I used to first have to blow on them quite hard, to warm up.

I see more clearly how little significance my six university or college degrees have on my life development. But having gone through the training to get these degrees helps me see that and helps me understand the society I live in a little better. Nevertheless, in the process I dissipated my energy to an extent that was dangerous to my health and damaging to my family and sometimes, my students. It was not a wise use of my life.

Look at all the roles you play.

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, research scientist, instructor, reporter, photographer, neighbour, friend, customer, volunteer in local politics, voter, investor.

It is only by changing myself that I can contribute to the life of others and to society in a meaningful way. I have tried and often failed to do meaningful work in so many roles so far that I can see that clearly.

What have you done in the two weeks of the retreat?

I recognized Yuan Tze’s authority (abilities) and followed his instructions with strong intent. My busy mind failed many times, however, but at least I can catch it now and I continuously try to bring it back to where is should be: looking inward and being still.

I observed Yuan Tze’s interaction with us, his method of teaching and his responses to all the situations that arose during the retreat. I observed and admired Melissa’s abilities, dedication, calm and joy. I observed the group. I observed myself and made changes. I observed the place.

I started to learn qigong.

I enjoyed eating vegetarian food for the first time. I learned to eat differently: I tried to keep my busy mind focused on the food I ate and noticed that I wasn’t even capable of keeping it in that one place for more than a few minutes at a time, so I started using the meal to practice mouth qigong, and that helped steady the mind a little.

I enjoyed the space of my tent.

I enjoyed not talking. That was surprisingly easy for me even though it was the first time I had an opportunity to do it. In fact I have to make an effort to come out of the silence – decide when and how much talking is necessary for social life.

I noticed that every single word Yuan Tze said was a message that could help me, so I wrote each word down to have the opportunity to re-read his teachings and find their deeper meanings as I change with time. I also did it to better understand how Yuan Tze teaches. I have taught university courses and find Yuan Tze’s method of teaching infinitely more powerful, meaningful and respectful.


First I need to stabilize what I have achieved during the retreat and I believe I can only do that by keeping up with my qigong practice, including the three-point-merging standing form. I discovered that the latter is a safe place to be. In three-point-merging standing form I could let emotional and mental reactions take their course while staying calm. It was as if these reactions and I were separate entities and I could see them with more clarity.

At the same time I need to manage the way I spend my energy. I am working on maintaining a good state and I have decided not to look for a job in journalism as was my intention. This work is not urgent, and not even necessary at this time. Stabilizing my progress and paying my energy debt is urgent and necessary.

I also want to continue to grow.

I have identified a series of tools I can use:

  1. Place practice CD 1 and 5 on an ipod for when I travel.
  2. Learn to do some qigong without CD so I can do a daily practice regardless of where I am or whether I have audio equipment.
  3. Deepen my qigong practice by going through the teacher training program and taking a qigong class while I can (I am leaving NZ in 8 months).
  4. Observe my reactions to identify my patterns and change or stop them.
  5. Continue to process the materials given to me: the books and the teachings of the retreat -both, the lectures and the experiences.
  6. Make it a habit to review myself with every change of season.
  7. Make it a habit to go to bed by 9.30 p.m. so I can do an early morning qigong practice. This has to happen gradually, because my family is resisting and interfering with my change in schedule.
  8. When I am alone, only eat when I eat. In social settings, compromise on this one. And respect the appetite.
  9. Observe everything I do and decide how I can simplify my life, so that I have more time and energy for life cultivation. And identify patterns in these things.
  10. Give my children more space to grow. It is good for them and it will free up energy for my own growth. But at the same time, be firm and confident with the few rules of discipline instated to facilitate life cultivation.
  11. Even if I have moments of confusion and doubts, I will continue the qigong practice, simply because I made a promise.

I am also thinking about actions I can take to give other people the opportunity to know Ren Xue. For example, someone placed a copy of Voyage to the Shore Part I in the Dunedin Public Library. This was a key element in a rapid chain of events that brought me to Ren Xue and the retreat. I found it because I happened to look up “qigong”, but people should be able to find it for other reasons and so the cataloguing of the book is very important. As another example, I sent a copy of Voyage to the Shore Part I to a health practitioner in Canada who told me 8 months ago that he believed there was a strong connection between consciousness and health. He had even produced a video on the topic where he had interviewed many health care and lifestyle practitioners in an attempt to understand this connection better.

– S G

OK, I HAVE TO ADMIT IT. I’ve been doing Qigong a few years now, but there’s one practice I’ve managed to avoid – Push the Mountain. My mind had happily created all kinds of excuses not to do it, and then there I was at the retreat, and there IT was on the programme… twice everyday.The first day when we had the choice of Squats and Stretching Qi or 30 minutes Push the Mountain, my weak mind joyfully opted for the easier option. “Great! I love squats!”. So it was to my surprise when my arms automatically rose up to the sides “…no!!! I want to do Squats! I can’t do 30 minutes PTM!!!” my mind protested. Then I imagined Yuan Tze saying ‘I’ll help you!” Ok then. Halfway through the Qi clearing (aka: pain) kicked in, and I thought “wee, you said you’d help me!” and suddenly there was a little golden caricature of Yuan Tze under each arm, straining and struggling to push my arms up. I laughed to myself, all tension disappeared and I floated through to the end. Needless to say, I love Push the Mountain now!

Thanks, Yuan Tze, Melissa and everyone at the retreat for a wonderful pattern breaking time.

– Vanessa Lukes

I CAN, IN ALL FAIRNESS, SAY I’M IN THE PROCESS of the biggest transformation of my life. It’s not a gimmick, quick fix or anything you can pay for without making a genuine effort. In fact the teacher, Yuan Tze’s teachings are not-for-profit and what he charges reflects his philosophy. This man is probably one of the few people in contemporary Society (inside or outside of China), who has dedicated his life to inquiring into, learning from and applying the ancient Chinese Wisdom teachings originating with Lao Tze and Confucius and generally termed Qigong.In a nutshell, it boils down to working with the building blocks of the universe – Qi – which, according to the ancients, has three properties: Substance (Invisible), Energy, and Information. As humans have the most evolved consciousness of any life on Earth, we are also endowed with the capacity to manipulate Qi with our minds. Very few of us are proficient at manipulating Qi at a high level (Eg Instant dispersion of tumors and other growths, direct knowing, manipulating objects with the mind, etc.), and the genuine masters who have dedicated their lives to achieve these abilities and bring forth the knowledge, are few and far between. Even rarer are those who insist that we all have these capacities undeveloped within us and that we all have an urgent need to look within and develop our lives to a higher level so we can live fuller lives and help others in order to make the world a better place for this and subsequent generations.

Yuan Tze is one of these rarities. And for the first time he is hosting an intensive retreat in the United States. After nine years in New Zealand, and two comprehensive books later, he is finally ready to bring his teachings to the rest of the world. This is a ground-breaking opportunity to experience one of these rare humans in intimate surroundings.

Why do I sound so passionate? Because in less than a year of knowing about this man, I am nearing the end of a seven-year health battle and frankly, I feel I owe my life to this person. I am not alone of course – countless others around the world have literally been saved from deaths door by this dedicated and humble Qigong practitioner. More correctly, he has given dying people his hand and pulled them from the slippery sink hole, to emerge stronger, healthier and with a clearer mind to create a solid foundation for building the rest of their lives.

As you would expect from a high level teacher, he is just as passionate about changing the future of people’s lives as he is about giving them the strength to transit the most immediate hurdles of health.

Not long from now, I will look back and truly say that seven years of suffering with pain and uncertainty was a small price to pay for all the hard earned wisdom and tools this man so freely shares.

At 50 years old, I believe few people with this level of impact come across our paths in a lifetime. If someone is truly ready – for whatever reason – to put forth the necessary effort (and it is dedication and effort by the way), the ancient long lost knowledge is both available and freely shared by Yuan Tze. I venture to say that this particular combination of instruction, tools and live interaction are not available anywhere else in the world at the present time. I believe Yuan Tze is a latent treasure awaiting discovery by the quietly suffering masses. For within his teachings lie the answer to not only poor physical and psychological health, but also to general life dissatisfaction and spiritual bankruptcy.

Years of meditation and spiritual work, psychological counseling, physician visits and other modalities of personal growth, pale in comparison to the accelerated path to health and life development offered here.

I am on a gradually ascending trajectory of inner peace, quiet joy and unstoppable health as I enter the next half of my life – and I always hated those born again types if you know what I mean!

Warmest regards,

– Steve L

YUAN TZE, I WOULD LIKE TO BORROW TO SOME OF YOUR TIME, if I may. I am writing this review/testimonial to cover the various retreats that I have attended with you over the last 4 years.Having just completed this latest one Nov 2010, I am completely sure that Ren Xue is now number one in my life and that it will remain so for the rest of my days.

My earliest connection with Qigong and Ren Xue was through my brother, friend, and teacher of Ren Xue Manfred Raunigg. Manfred and I have been best friends for over 20 years now. We know each other very well, for my part I was sure I would recognize Manfred’s energy anywhere, this proved not to be true. Manfred had been attending the teachers training courses with Yuan Tze and having not seen him for a while we arranged to meet in Auckland. We met at a mutual friend’s apartment. When the lift door opened, there was Manfred standing about 1 metre in front of me. For a moment I didn’t recognize him simply because his energy had made such a fundamental shift. It was somehow finer and purer. He was more of his potential self. I was sure that the change had come about from his connection to Qigong and Ren Xue. Although wary I wasn’t looking for a teacher, I was intrigued and really was curious as to what this stuff was that could have such an impact on my brother.

Fast forward to the first retreat held on Mt Cheeseman (2007). When I arrived I had practiced Basic Exercises for a while, having been shown them by a person who had learnt from one of your teachers. She showed me the physical movements but with none of the mind activities. Within hours of arriving I was in awe of what I had come to and within a few days it was utterly clear to me that this (Ren Xue) was what I had been searching for during the last 30 years, although if I had come across it 30 years beforehand, I would have walked right past it because I would have been no where near ready for it. Everything comes in its right time. Straight on the tail of this first realization came the next major one. It became totally apparent to me that the seeker who in many respects was me was finished with. It had done its job and now was time to let it go. Easier said than done! It caused me a great deal of grief and suffering to allow the attachment to this old friend to go. I loved searching, finding new books to read, movies to watch, CDs to listen to and I was very caught in reading, watching, and listening to other peoples’ journeys, never quite realizing that in some way by constantly being the seeker, I was delaying my own journey. A few years into the journey now I can definitely see that the false master was fully in control and that more than anything else I was afraid to face my own stuff, far easier to read about others than to do the hard yards oneself. In fact the job of separating me from the seeker was not completed for many months after the retreat had finished.

At the next retreat the message came via a very deep and profound dream. In the dream I was in an art gallery viewing a large painting. It was a landscape scene featuring a road or a path that disappeared away in to the hills and ultimately the mountains in the distance. On the bottom of the picture mounted on the frame was a small brass plaque with the title engraved in to it ‘The Way Home or The Road Home’ I can’t recall which. Although I sometimes remember my dreams I seldom recall them with the clarity that this dream came back to me. In the dream I was so happy to have found that painting and was so in love with the idea that I could now find my way home. Although the promise did not necessarily say that it was going to be an easy path, it was and is the way home for me. That path of course is Ren Xue.

November 2008 the retreat was back in the mountains so good to be back in this utterly beautiful wild and isolated place. By now I was starting to get a grasp of just how big Ren Xue is and how it can do all of the things Yuan Tze promises. All that’s required is some application.

The message of this retreat was even more shocking than the earlier lesson of letting go of the seeker. Probably 5 or 6 days into the retreat from out of the nowhere it occurred to me that I had to let go of the mask of the healer. WHAT!? Where the hell did this come from? I am the healer; this is what I do. For God’s sake it’s the only thing I ever done that made any sense. What do you mean let it go? Maybe I could pretend that I didn’t get this flash ……….. I know it wasn’t really for me; maybe it was for some other burnt out healer in the room. After all I had been a healer practitioner for many years. A large part of my identity was caught up with being really good at what I was doing, helping people to improve their health and wellness, physical, mental, and to some degree spiritual aspects all taken care of. I was important in their lives. I was making a real difference. In fact if you had asked me then, I would have said that I had found my calling and that I would be doing this for the rest of my days. Now I was being asked to release the mask. Every time I looked to Yuan Tze he just seemed to confirm that the insight was real and that there could be no running away from it. As the days of the retreat rolled by and the panic lessened, I kept hearing Yuan Tze emphasising the importance of remaining calm, relaxed and natural no matter what the circumstances. Some clarity started to come and I began to see that things weren’t quite as good as I was making myself believe. I was in a position where I couldn’t say no to people. No matter what they asked I would be there. I was doing little else apart from working. Life was my work and somewhere deep down I knew that if I kept on doing what I was doing, I was going to burn out. I was running out of Qi. Yuan Tze even told a story of a Qigong healer who gave away to much of his Qi and had died. Not that he was talking to me. After all I’m on my mission and I’m bullet proof anyway, yeah right. To this day I wonder if he told that story, if not especially for me, at least for partially for me.

Again it took time for this realization to really take hold. In fact for sometime after the retreat I continued on at my old pace then I began to develop some reasonably serious health symptoms which led me to have to look seriously at what I was doing. The other thing that really anchored Qigong practice into my life was that, in spite of all my knowledge, the only thing that really made any permanent change to my condition was my Qigong practice. To this day I continue to work as the healer practitioner. My fear was that I had to give it all away. In fact all I had to do was ease the mask and let go of my identification with it.

Retreat for 2009 moved to Christchurch. Of all the retreats I’ve done this was the most difficult, mostly because for the 6 weeks before the retreat I had let my practice slip and hadn’t done any Qigong before I arrived. On that level it took the whole retreat time to get my practice back to where it should have been when the retreat started. The overwhelming clear message during this retreat was simply just get on with it. Throughout the end of 2009 and through 2010 I have been doing just that. It has not been easy. On more than one level and without Yuan Tze’s help, I may well have not been able to shift some of my patterns and may have flagged the whole thing away.

Retreat 2010 just completed 2 or 3 weeks ago. A major step up for me personally and I suspect for everyone involved. Yuan Tze had asked us to bring to the retreat patterns that we wanted to work on. For me it was clear the thing I really wanted to shift was my addiction to sex. This issue was really in my face by retreat time because a few weeks earlier my wife/lover had suddenly (at least from my perspective) decided to not be sexually active for 100 days. For many years I had believed that I was totally comfortable with my sexuality and that they were no issues there, one of the places where I had done lots of work and to a large degree had succeeded in achieving my goals. Was I deluding myself or what? Up came the sex monster in all his glory and power, it took all of my inside strength and most of the retreat time to tame him. I couldn’t believe his strength and power over me. Again a major letting go. This time the lover, the sexual one. The roots of this pattern were/are very deep. No doubt I will be working on this one for a while. It’s going to take some effort to flow against the tide of sexuality that is our western culture. However I can see the prison it holds the people in. For me I prefer the possibility of freedom.

Letting go again, will this never end? Maybe; maybe not. At this point I really don’t know. However if freedom means not being too attached, I guess there are a few more patterns to go. This much I do know the freedom/s I have won from who I thought I was have so far been worth every bit of effort it has taken to release the pattern surrounding them. I am many things and can be many things as are required by life. I am not the seeker although I can seek and inquire when I need to. I am not the healer although when I’m working sliding on the healer mask is very helpful to me and my clients just as long as I slip it off when work is finished. I can be the lover when my wife and I want to make love. I just don’t carry the lover any further than there.

Apart from letting the lover fade, the very clear message of this retreat was and is that I shall make Ren Xue the number one thing in my life. When I contemplate that thought, I can only see that Ren Xue is the most important thing. It is after all my path home and home is where I’m going. To that end in 2011 I will be taking a sabbatical year, cutting my work back to 2 or at the most 3 days per week and devoting the rest of my time to practice and doing as many levels of the teachers training as I possibly can, the goal being to complete all 8 levels this year.

Yuan Tze can I please say thank you for all that you are and from that all that you do.

With Love,

– Johnny Harris

Updated review 26/12/2013

It is very interesting to read back through the above 4 years down the track. To some degree I can remember the space I was in when the above was written from and, while it’s not how I would write from now, I believe it would not be wise to edit it. It should stand as it is a statement of the time in which it was written.

So let’s see how it all stacks up in the present moment, many of the aims have been reached at the least to some degree. It’s very clear to me these days that the process is ongoing and the deeper one goes the finer the let go becomes, so there are always levels of achieving. The measure is probably just how comfortable one is with something. With that as the measure I can see how much growth I have achieved in the last few years which in its self is of immeasurable value.

The one aim that eludes me is to be able to make Ren Xue number one in my life above all else; to live a Qigonized life seems to be the biggest challenge of all to meet. The world outside of me is both demanding and very seductive. It has been said that the path of the householder is the most difficult yet it is also the most rewarding. All power to the householders amongst us, may we find the way through to Calm Relaxed Natural and Joyous.

– Johnny Harris