This is the video recording of the Six-year Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine Professional Training Programme.

Because the six-year residential training programme will not be repeated, each level will be recorded and made available through the Distance Professional Training Programme. The recordings cover all of Yuan Tze’s teachings in the residential training.

(Note: Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining materials for the Eight-Level Zhineng Qigong Teachers Training.)


  • Training videos (mp4 downloads, 70-80 hours for each level)
  • Demonstration videos(s)
  • Training Manual


NZ$540 for each level. Couple’s rate NZ$810 when sharing one set of materials. Please contact us to arrange payment.

This fee covers:

  • Materials listed above
  • Postage for standard mail (6-10 working days, non-tracked, no signature required)
  • Assessments (a written test via email and a practical test via Skype)
  • Certificate to be received in person at one of Yuan Tze’s events


  • Receiving the materials via economy courier, which takes 2-6 working days for delivery and is tracked with signature required involves extra costs: Australia-NZ $15; Other countries-NZ $25
  • NZ $15 is required if the certificate is to be mailed out to the recipient.


If you have participated in teachers training with us in the past

Step 1 – Read the Code of Conduct and Special Requirements for Level 3 Teachers Training

Step 2 – Order the Materials

Once you have completed Step 1, you can order the materials in the Shop any time.

If you are a new applicant

Step 1 – Fill out the application form

Please read Special Requirements for Level 3 Training before you fill out the application form. You will receive a reply within 3 working days. An invitation will be sent to the applicant immediately upon approval of the application.

Step 2 – Acceptance of the Code of Conduct

Please read the Code of Conduct for Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine Teachers & Therapists. By registering for the Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine Teachers’ & Therapists’ Training and attending the retreat, and/or receiving the training materials, you are agreeing to abide by this code of conduct.

Step 3 – Order the materials online

When your application is accepted, you may order the materials in the Shop.


You are required to study all the DVDs on each level before taking the assessments for that level. It is strongly recommended that you complete the assessments soon after finishing your studies, while your memory is still fresh.

The assessments for each level include a written test and a practical test.

The written test is done via email

  • Email us to request the written assessment a few days before you are ready for the test. Questions will be emailed to you in an attached document.
  • When you are ready to begin, open the attachment and allow yourself a maximum of 1.5 hours to complete the test.
  • Only short answers, such as bullet-points, are expected unless otherwise specified. Please note that it is NOT an ‘open book’ test. Please do not refer to your notes or any books when completing the test.
  • Email the answers back to us immediately upon finishing the written assessment.
  • Melissa will let you know the result of your test within two days.

The Practical test is done via Skype

  • Schedule a 20-minute appointment with Melissa via email
  • Melissa’s Skype name is melissa.kung
  • With the practical test, you will be asked to demonstrate parts of the Yuan Gong methods covered in the level for which you are being assessed. You will have to teach these parts by explaining the physical movements and mind activities in detail.


Once you have passed the assessments, you are qualified for that level and a certificate will be given to you. If you wait to receive your certificate from Yuan Tze personally when attending one of his events, there will be no additional cost. If you choose to receive the certificate by mail, there is a NZ $20 fee to cover administrative and postal costs.

Entry of ‘Qualified Teachers’ on the Ren Xue International website

You will be given a login key to create your own profile on the new Ren Xue International website.

Support for Your Training

If you would like to work together with other trainees in your area or get assistance from a senior teacher, here is a list of the coordinators you can contact:

Shane Ricketts
Andrea Harris
Sabine Goubau
Kevin Birnie
Cathy Fox
Norberto Rodrigues
Milan Vasiljevic
Arne Nordgren
US (Seattle)
Zach Snyder

US (East Bay)

Dale Mirmow and Monica Simms
US (rest of Northern California)
Elaine Livengood and Rachel Gila


WHEN I RETIRED IN 2013, I WANTED to live the next chapter of my life in a meaningful way. I longed for something that would keep my body strong and my mind clear. At about the same time, a friend introduced me to Yuan Tze’s books. I participated in the April 2013 retreat in California and appreciated the calm, relaxed energy I discovered there.

I had no special ambition to be a teacher. However, I knew that teaching something is a great way to deepen one’s own understanding. So I embarked on the teacher training program and registered for the 2013 training in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The New Zealand experience was extraordinary in many ways. The seeds planted by the teachings continue to germinate and grow in my life. So the effects of the training are still unfolding. Still, I would like to mention my strongest impressions during those two weeks.

First, the leader of the training, Yuan Tze is a master of Qi and a master teacher. I have always admired people who are masters of their craft, regardless of what that craft might be. The skill, the empathy and the personal integrity of Yuan Tze make him an exceptional teacher.

Second, the group of people at the teacher training was diverse and enthusiastic. There were 130+ students at the training intent upon elevating their own lives and benefitting the lives of others. This very special environment enhanced practice and accelerated learning.

Finally, to learn Yuan Gong from its founder, Yuan Tze, is an incomparable gift. We have been told that 2013-2018 is the only time that Yuan Tze will personally teach the nine methods of Yuan Gong. If you feel even the slightest twinge of interest, I encourage you to heed the call and join us in New Zealand in 2014.

Sally Hinds Read more about participants’ experiences…

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