I WAS FORTUNATE TO TAKE PART in the Yuan Gong trial in New Zealand; it was over three weeks with Vlado as the teacher.There was a very good turn out of people with a lovely feeling of togetherness for the start of this special event.To start, we learnt only the first part of the first method (Tian Yuan), it was fun and it definitely felt good, I practiced two or three times every day for the week. My shoulders and neck loosened up and relaxed. I had a strong sensation in the finger I had broken 2 years earlier. And my body did ache a bit. On the second week we learnt the second half of first method. I enjoyed the flow, the smoothness and connection with the Universe. I discovered that in my everyday life I was becoming more aware of the moment when my actions or thoughts were using up more Qi than I needed to.The first day of practicing first and second method together I had a nice experience. I had a nice sensation go right down my legs when combing my head with Qi at the end of my Zhineng Qigong standing form practice. Today after the Yuan Gong standing form the sensation was more pronounced and the hairs on my legs stood on end.Now two months have passed since starting Yuan Gong. I continue daily with first method in the morning and first and second method in the afternoon. I really like to practice everyday. It is a special time.This has been an awakening adventure – the best. And I feel like every part of my life has been uplifted 100%. I have a better feeling for my Qi and ability to change, soften, or let go of any unwanted feeling or thought so I can find a nicer one.

– Amy Donaldson

BACK FROM THE YUAN Gong TEACHERS and Therapists Training Year One, and everything seems to have changed. I always struggled with regular practice before – now I wake up and can’t wait to fly. I am even doing squats. Three forms in one standing form is an unregulated free delight. I stand without restrictions, of free will and the totality of joy. In my body, my Qi and my consciousness.When I give classes now, the qifield is so natural and the consciousness of my students is a whole lot freer. I can lead them deeper on the Ren Xue information. It is also quite natural.Just recently I held a two-day workshop and at the end I asked about who would like to come to the weekly practice session the next week. 100% – really everybody (!) raised their hand. Me being used to having careful and “will see” responses and maybe one or two people saying they will come – I just literally sat there with my mouth open. Then I had to laugh and told them about it. I thought of our Ren Xue family and of Yuan Tze and sent a big hearty, happy Qi bubble into the qifield. Just so I could share my joy with all of you. The future is bright.Love and thanks for the contribution in our qifield to all of you.

– Andrea Harris

A FEW WEEKS BEFORE OUR STOCKHOLM RETREAT, the information reached me and my students that Yuan Tze would construct a new Qigong System – Yuan Gong. The first two routines Tian Yuan and Di Yuan were soon thereafter released on Youtube. Personally, I had a lot to do before the retreat, so I did not have time to try the methods to a greater extent. My students had many questions and comments on the new methodology. Some were quite critical and wondered if this was really necessary. They were very hesitant to replace Zhineng Qigong. I myself saw that as Zhineng Qigong is so widespread so it is easy to find a group if you are traveling. There are also teachers from China who visit Sweden and other parts of the world, keeping local courses and trainings. So everything did not feel quite positive.During the last three days of our Stockholm Retreat the first two Yuan Gong methods were taught and trained. After the retreat, my wife Marita and I decided to practice both methods (Tian Yuan and Di Yuan) twice a day. Besides Yuan Gong, I also practiced squats about 100 per day, as I previously used to do. During the test period, we trained Body Mind once. Otherwise, we relinquished from any other Zhineng Qigong training.After about a month, I can say that both Marita and I have very positive experiences of the training. Yuan Gong has been easy to learn and easy to practice and it does not take much time to practice either (both methods together takes about 45 minutes). When practicing the body is in a natural position and the whole body participates in soft movements in interaction with consciousness. The more the mind is focused and participating in the exercise, the better the result seems to be. The exercises themselves are also fascinating because the feeling of Qi seems to get better and better the more you practice the methods.Results of practice:

  • The body becomes relaxed and the mind peaceful and harmonious. Head feels very clean and clear. Calmness lasts throughout the day. You feel rich in energy.
  • The balance in the body seems to be getting better. The movements are soft; arms, legs, hips – yes the whole body participates in training all together. Since mind feels calm and more balanced the body balance is influenced in a favorable way.
  • During the last two or three years I have noticed that my arms sometimes become numb when I lie in bed. Sometimes I have felt it when the body has been lying in a weird position, but I have also felt it when lying on my back. The numbness in the arms has disappeared about a week after I started practicing Yuan Gong.
  • During the Three Center Merge, I usually get pain on the inside of the right thigh; so much that I have trouble with my concentration. One approach has been to lower the body as much as possible. The pain is eased but the standing gets pretty tough. About a week ago I suddenly got cramp on the inside of the thigh, when I bent the leg, something I have never felt before. It felt really uncomfortable but after a while it disappeared. In the evening, when I did the standing of Di Yuan I no longer had problems with pain on the inside of the thigh and still a week later, the pain has not come back.
  • For many years, I have had “bags” under my eyes, not just in the morning but throughout the day. Now, when looking at myself in the mirror the bags are gone and the skin under the eyes has adopted a lighter tone. It looks healthier.

Reactions: Normally I do not get any reactions from Qigong training, but with Yuan Gong it has been different. The reactions came after about two days of training (morning and evening with both Tian Yuan and Di Yuan) in the upper part of the body, especially in the chest and arms. When I went to bed after the evening practice; it felt like strong circulation with vibrations and thumps – a bit out of control. It went on for three – four nights and then it was gone and has not returned.

Summing up:During a very short time of Yuan Gong practice surprisingly good results have been achieved. It indicates that this is a very efficient and effective method. Moreover, being easy to learn and inspiring to practice and not time-consuming makes it very attractive. It is fair to say that Yuan Gong has properties far beyond what might be expected.

– Arne Nordgren

LOOKING BACK OVER THESE LAST FIVE WEEKS it is like I have fallen down the rabbit hole and like Alice in wonderland. Life has become more and more curious. Five weeks ago I chose to join Vanessa’s class in Barrington as it looked so different to any other Qigong. I attended a Saturday open session. After doing the first part (Zhening Qigong), I could not attend the second part (Yuan Gong) as I was so shattered. I was pretty sure none of my other Qigong classes had been so tortuous. (Actually I am sure!) However I was still curious because of a conversation regarding the information that can be gathered in the qifield. Spurred on I attended a healing group session at Vanessa’s. It was strange, wonderful and peaceful (most peaceful state I had ever felt). It became clear to me in this state there would be benefits to my health. Hmm more curious than ever…I attended the next Yuan Gong session, squinting with one eye open to follow Vanessa’s every move although it was still pretty harrowing, the benefits far outweighed the discomfort. Yuan Gong definitely got a hold of me on that day. I started practicing Yuan Gong every night at home with Melissa on Youtube. This had perpetuating benefits and I experienced a lovely sense of wellbeing. It seemed the more I practiced, the calmer and more peaceful I have become, although my feet turned to ice for three weeks.I am obsessed with nature and using Yuan Gong. I find I am not driven by my usual frantic ways. It is more peaceful and natural, something I have been trying to achieve in my life for a long time. I find this new natural way just slips practicing regularly into my life with such ease. In fact the more I practice and learn, the more places it fits into everyday life. I think the difference between being addicted to something and just being in balance with something is what I am experiencing with Yuan Gong.I feel so blessed about my timing with this system as I could have walked away and never understood what an opportunity lays underfoot.My sleeping is greatly improved. I thought my arms were hopeless because they were full of pain from scar tissue. I feared lymphedema was what had made my arms very weak. After a few weeks of practice I now hold my arms up for full sessions of Yuan Gong and at current treatments of radiation my arms are strong and no bother to keep above my head. They seem so much healthier to look at. Throughout the day I have Qibuzzing in my hands and face (at first I thought I was having a stroke). I am a diabetic. I found when checking my blood glucose levels after practice, I had dropped almost 3 points.For weeks I had been experiencing itching around the cancer tumour sites. The itching is now gone. For a couple of years I have been experiencing constant urinary tract infections. I have had none since practicing. This is weird, but I think I have worms/parasites making their presence felt (oock). I woke up about 3am with a message to get up and start taking parasite and worm medicine.From my past experiences of cancer I would have to say this time having cancer with Yuan Gong practice each day, I get a fresh new burst of energy and have an exceptional effervescence for life. This is not to say I don’t get tired but the spaces between are uplifting. On the consciousness level I resonate so strongly with Yuan Gong and use it as an over-guiding source of healing when receiving daily radiation treatment. With this system I sense I can lead my destiny instead of following a destiny which always seems wishy-washy. It is comforting that I wake up and find I have been dreaming Qi.This last week I got the flu as well as starting radiation I still practiced Yuan Gong. I found some consolation in having the flu as I took the week off work and seized the opportunity to immerse myself in the teachings of Yuan Tze in Voyage to the Shore: Part One, where one can discover more methods and practice needed for developing.As I read through this book spoken in a modern and plain way, I read something mind-blowing and then go practice Yuan Gong in this new knowledge, each time creating a truer stronger Qifield. I believe if I apply myself to this method I will put right what has tipped me off course from living a harmonious life both internally and externally in good health. Today I have discovered in these teachings a possibility or reason for the continuous return of cancer over seventeen years. It seems cancer can keep returning because the sick qifield remains when cancer goes. Voila! A moment of blinding light and inspiration. This is heartening information because in this method and practice I know I can do something about that.In conclusion I see I haven’t randomly fallen down the rabbit hole. I’m standing above it letting go of so many things to lighten the freefall conscious jump into wondrous Qi. Yuan Tze has provided a space for me and others to change and live fully in good health and vitality.There have been many pathways I have explored to become elevated in life but none have resonated or felt as natural as Ren Xue & Yuan Gong. I know now my destiny will be changed if I continue to practice with openess and truth. Laoshi mentioned if you get in the boat of Ren Xue and practice you will be taking a short cut to elevating your life. I want hauling into that boat as I am ready to work my passage back to shore, as I am in need of a short cut.My deepest gratitude to Yuan Tze – Laoshi for pursuing and sharing this life changing method.

– Isabella Kilkelly

I HAVE FOUND THE PRACTICE OF YUAN GONG not only very easy to do, but also find it very easy to sense energy while practicing. As a result, I am much more aware of the background of all life as pure consciousness. This in itself is enough motivation for me to practice, but what attracts me further are the elements of freedom and simplicity it contains. I have unconsciously broken free of my usual routine practice, and find myself entering into the practice quite spontaneously now, without any particular goal other than to enjoy being in a good state.This method of Qigong beckons me to ‘just do it’ when the opportunity arises, and I have found myself practicing in an empty laundromat, in nature atop a deserted knoll far up in the hills with the wind in my ‘wings’, on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, and in the sauna. The point being that it is so natural and easy and enjoyable, that when I find myself alone it seems a very instinctive thing to do.In the past, I would never dream of breaking up the four basic exercises during my Qigong practice, yet I have given myself permission to practice Tian Yuan and Di Yuan separately with amazing results. Practicing the first method alone has proven to be a simple and very effective way for me to quiet my mind and become centered.One morning I practiced Tian Yuan, not as slowly as the practice tape, but just moved through all positions for nine counts. When I finished, I was filled with joy and the lightness of pure being. As I proceeded to go about my day, while washing breakfast dishes I noticed that my thoughts were very positive–filled with gratitude and appreciation for all of my surroundings.Afterwards, I went out for a morning walk, and was in constant communion with everything I saw–animals, flowers, the sparkle of water trickling down the hillside–and noticing the exquisite beauty of nature all around me. I was blissfully connected to all that I encountered and feel that the practice of Yuan Gong has been key in accelerating my awareness of the oneness of all creation.On another morning, I began to practice Tian Yuan, again at my own pace, and could hear the sound of jackhammering not far away outside of my house. Normally, this particular noise greatly disturbs my peace of mind. But by the time I finished my practice, I was peacefully absorbed within, and not at all disturbed by or even aware of the jackhammering outside anymore.On yet another morning, I set out for a walk with scattered thoughts and a wandering mind. I reached the top of a hill not far from my house, and stopped to practice Qigong out in the open space. I had the intention of finding my center so that I could be present in my body and fully enjoy the rest of my walk. By the time I finished the first method and opened my eyes, my mind was calm and my heart was open once again.In the beginning I questioned how such an easy and delightful practice as Yuan Gong could be as effective as practicing the four basic exercises with their challenging stretches and squats. However, with time I have been able to let go of my ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality, and sincerely believe that I am getting much more value from practicing Yuan Gong three times per week, than I did by practicing the four basic exercises daily. Life has become easier too–less pain. I’m much more accepting of what is happening, resisting less, and as a result, gaining more inner peace.Because Yuan Gong allows me to move my focus inward to experience a blissful state more easily than ever before, it continuously reinforces for me that true happiness comes from within, and for this I am deeply grateful to Yuan Tze.

– Karen Flagg

I THINK I WROTE TO YOU BEFORE ABOUT how I was feeling very lost and discouraged about Qigong after practicing Zhineng Qigong for about 15 years. Although it had been tremendously healing for me in the past, for various reasons it has become very difficult for me to do.I especially had a hard time with the basic exercises and 3 CM. Instead of feeling peace and joy, I usually felt pain and frustration. (Even though I did work on changing my consciousness!) Except for brief periods of renewed motivation, I have found the most relaxation and peace of mind from practicing Pulling and Pour Qi Relaxation. And that’s about it except for healings from Yuan Tze and other Zhineng Qigong teachers.Because I had loved Zhineng Qigong in the past and it had healed me profoundly in the early years of practicing, I started searching for another method that could take its place that I could enjoy. Over the past five or so years, in between going back and forth with Zhineng Qigong, I have learned and practiced two other forms. But I had mixed feelings about them.One of the forms was graceful and easy to practice, but even at the beginning level involved a lot of controlling the direction and flow of Qi with the mind. That made me uneasy because I don’t have that much control over my mind! I feel much safer with an open system. And the other talked about bad Qi and how to release it without hurting animals and children. Yikes! I didn’t know there was such a thing as “bad” Qi. I guess I was looking for something possible for me to physically practice, but equal to Zhineng Qigong and that was really hard to find.I got to the point where I wasn’t practicing Qigong at all anymore because I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I really felt stuck but also unwilling to give up the search. I was just about to sign up for an easy Tai Chi course when I opened up an email about Yuan Tze starting a new form of Qigong that was going to be powerful, more effective in a shorter period of time, and even enjoyable to practice. What??I signed up right away to learn it with Zach and Kelly and I think I have finally found what I’m looking for. I love practicing Yuan Gong. It’s graceful and calming and the feelings of Qi are so comforting. I even find the standing form enjoyable because of the flexibility in how we stand and the change of positions. When you say, “Observe yourself in a calm state”, I can actually do that! It makes me feel like I used to when I practiced Zhineng Qigong and it healed me – optimistic, relaxed, and at peace. It feels like coming home.As someone with some physical challenges, I don’t need to say how happy I am to move on from squats and stretching Qi! I guess I’m just a wimpy Westerner, but a very grateful one. Thanks so much.

– Mimi Handlin

I HAVE BEEN PRACTICING YUAN GONG for 2 1/2 months and have found the practice a very powerful transformative tool.I feel it works well together with Ren Xue and the work of cultivating the consciousness. To make faster progress we need Qi and we need to be in life to learn from it. As the practice takes less time and gives so much Qi Yuan Gong feels like a gift that came at the right time for me. I was starting to question if really it was necessary to be practicing Qigong diligently for hours knowing that it is our state of mind, being and life that really shows us the level of our progress. I am a mother, Qigong teacher and am active in many ways in the world all of which provides me with the perfect training ground for what I need to be learning in this lifetime. Yuan Gong gives me plenty of Qi and time for the day to carry out all I need to do and more, I tend to sleep less and have plenty of Qi over and generally feel much more Joyful and am enjoying and appreciating life each day. I started focusing on just enjoying life more, making the time for what matters most – that used to be practice but now I have more time for many other things-gardening, children, teaching and helping others. Qigong is more a mind state and it is not separate from life itself. I have noticed that Qi reactions seem to be shorter, my experience of why this happens would be that my mind feels calmer yet sharper to clear things quicker and see the patterns more clearly and in a more connected way with the practice of Yuan Gong.Yuan Gong gives me a lot in regards to building a more easeful harmonious and free life. I have been practicing Qigong for about 7 years now and most of my practice now is Yuan Gong which I start and end the day with. I practice other forms a few times a week as I am a Zhineng Qigong teacher but am looking forward to teaching my students Yuan Gong.I am excited for the future and further developing Yuan Gong, a system that perfectly marries Ren Xue.

– Natalie Meijer

I HAVE BEEN DOING QIGONG FOR ABOUT 9 years and Yuan Gong for just over two months. Wow I love it! It’s easy to learn. I can do in small areas and easy to relax into it. Every day in every way I feel I am getting healthier and healthier. I get up every morning feeling like I’ve had a good night sleep and not tired like I used to. I do my practice mostly in the morning every day, sometimes twice a day. A two-hour walk that I did not long ago felt like I hadn’t even done it. Usually I would be tired and sore afterwards. I felt great. The emotion of fear is getting weaker and confidence, compassion and love for myself getting stronger. I am getting better at getting out of an unhealthy state quicker and can see more clearly patterns and habits that need work on. I have also noticed changes in my family: more harmony. All this in just over two months! Wow! Thanks.

– Sue G.

I AM FORTUNATE TO HAVE BEEN studying and practicing Ren Xue under Yuan Tze and Shona Page for five or six years now. I have to admit that in the early years I was drawn more to the consciousness raising aspect of Ren Xue than the challenge of regular Zhineng Qigong practice. It’s only been in the last two or three years, and particularly since I began my teachers training after the 2011 Kaiapoi retreat, that I’ve really committed to, and started to see the gains from, a daily Qigong practice. My daily practice has always focussed more on my Three Centres Merge, but in the last year that has extended to incorporate the more physical practice of the 2nd Method and the Basic Exercises. In the six months before the Yuan Gong trial I was regularly doing two practices a day, a 40-50 min morning moving practice and 45 min evening still practice. After years of avoiding the hard stuff I was hooked on the gratification I got from long, challenging sessions, including regular half hour Stretching Qi sessions. If I missed a day of moving practice I really felt it. When the opportunity to learn Yuan Gong from Shona came along I was very excited, but thinking ‘ok how can I manage three sessions a day’, as I couldn’t imagine giving up my routine. When I first started the trial I had all intentions of practicing Yuan Gong alongside my Zhineng Qigong, but very quickly started to feel the enjoyment of practicing Yuan Gong and equal benefits of it, that within a week or so was focussing solely on it. In the first few weeks I managed, for the most part, to do the full 1st and 2nd Methods twice a day. The sessions felt so enjoyable and easy compared to what I had been practicing before.The fact that it was easier than my longer Stretching Qi and Standing Form sessions wasn’t what attracted me though, as I had come to love the challenge of those harder sessions. It was what I was experiencing within and as a result of the Yuan Gong practice.The Qi during my Yuan Gong practice feels finer, subtler. Much like the difference I notice when we’re in the qifield at Yuan Tze’s retreats. It also feels more tangible and I feel the Qi a lot more than I have in the past. My unification (with Qi, Shen, body) is deeper and easier within my practice, and stays with me longer after my practice; the Qi feels closer, more accessible throughout the day. Though I had made some good progress with my practice in the last few years I was still struggling to take that place I got to in my practice with me into everyday life. By the end of the day I needed my second practice, just to get back to a healthy place. Every morning I needed my squats and bow body to get the Qi moving again. Even though I felt amazing after each practice, it didn’t always stay with me long.With the Yuan Gong it feels so much more even. I feel great during and after my practice, but it’s subtler and possibly even more subdued, but it stays with me. For this reason I’ve been able make some progress in applying some of the tools to everyday life, staying unified and connected to that wonderful Qi. When I’ve missed a practice, or even a day of practice I don’t feel as out of balance and can still connect with the Qi and unify when I’m doing everyday tasks. And despite it being so much less physical than the Basic Exercises and the 2nd Method of Zhineng Qigong I seem to get the same results with my achy spots – something I never got from Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down.It feels like this connection to more subtle and even Qi has helped me better realise the gentleness of some of the teachings, something my rigid mind was unable to do in its bid to control. During the trial I did have what felt like an emotional reaction and I was thankful for a light, enjoyable practice to support me in this time. But when I came through it, it felt like some of the edge had been filed from my ways of thinking and I seemed to be able to see more of the grey area that sits between the black and white.I still feel very much at a beginners level with it, which is exciting. Because of the experiences I’ve had I’ve decided to continue to focus my practice on Yuan Gong beyond the trial period and am very much looking forward to the retreat to learn more about it.

– Trina King