After several years of training a previous form of Zhineng Qigong (ZQ), I reached a level of no more development. I suffered severe illness after an accident and I got so frustrated from not achieving any positive health progress from the training, that I quit training completely until Arne introduced me to Yuan Tze’s Zhineng Qigong training form. I joined the summer retreat at Wik, where I realized that my previous toolbox was incomplete with lacking tools and instructions for optimized training.Nevertheless, I could thanks to my previous ZQ knowledge quickly pick up and develop Yuan Tze´s approach and teaching. Suddenly all missing pieces were at place and everything felt so easy and self clear. Finally I got answers to all my questions and it all made sense. It was like “coming home”. No secrets, no hidden agendas, no guesses. All clear, honest and caring. “Help Yourself and help others”

I am ever so grateful for all attention and help that I amongst all the others have received during the retreat. That kind of support is very inspiring and helps strengthening and growth on all levels. I love the way we received help to self-help! The qifield that was prepared to minimize reactions was wonderful. Yes, it is easier to learn without too ruff reactions…

I loved all the different ways of transmitting Qi force in “do it yourself level”. The way it was presented and practiced, gave me a deepened insight and understanding of Qi therapy.

My fellowship and best ever teacher, is “my” rescue sledge/wolfdog. She came to me when she was 4 years. My health was fine at that time. Then I had the accident, I lost my health completely and I lost my job. My life was no longer worth living. The dog started also in getting sick and aggressive towards other dogs. In my world, animals are mirrors of its surrounding. To study her, gave me the picture of myself. Very interesting indeed…

Me improving my health, also means that the dog is getting better, and her mission will be completed… I wish her to be transformed into the healthiest and happiest state possible to the day when she is “leaving”. I love the power of the basic exercises, it brings my dog to snore and fall into a deep trance-like sleep… and yes, I have signed in for the teachers training.

Years of constant pain had whipped the smile out of my face and turned me away from socializing private. One of the biggest changes during the retreat was the reconnection with my smile. At the end of the retreat I surprised myself by laughing!

I feel more and more happiness and ease in my life. I am more alert and I can better deal with practical things. Suddenly also people are calling in for help with their health. It feels as if the area in and around my house is clear and filled with positive energy. That helps me grow and help others. The situation has inspired me to deal with paperwork and authorities in a more easy and relaxed way. Heavy things seem to be solved without the pain and stress as before. I also take more and more hikes in nature and socialize better with friends again. And I am still laughing.

See you at next year’s summer retreat in Sweden!

– Annette Traxler

THANKS FOR A GREAT RETREAT. Well planned and very rewarding. I learned more than I have in all years before.

Christina Bengtsson

I CAME HOME TO MIDSUMMER WITH AN INCREDIBLE peace of mind after a fantastic retreat. An extraordinary experience! The training was fantastic, the lectures very interesting and valuable, the food is top good. Many interesting participants, and another whiner = “qi-thief” but most simply wonderful. Talented and inspiring teachers. Yuan Tze and Melissa are fascinating personalities. I understand that they manage to train these amazing teachers. I did not have any big problems when I came, really, little flaws that remain. So I did not get so many results but many “aha”.

– Eva Wikander

I THINK IT IS NO EXAGGERATION TO SAY THAT for a lot of people, newcomers as well as older students, the retreat at Wik was one of those rare, life-changing opportunities that you come across only rarely in life, and when you do, it is because consciously or not, you have for a very long time had a deep and sincere wish to truly “do something” about your situation – be it your health, a relationship crisis or your general well-being.As one of the fortunate participants who has recognised this retreat as one of these opportunities, I can honestly say that if you realise what an enormous privilege we are given here, you will spare no cost or effort to use this retreat to give your life a new direction. If, through someone you know you have heard or read about this retreat, chances are it can be such an opportunity to you, too. Considering the humble cost of participation and the stunning location, these days are a bargain the value of which you might only realise once you can look back on the healing and elevation of life you have been able to achieve through it.

– Fabian Winiger

BEFORE COMING TO ONE OF THE REN XUE RETREATS in New Zealand, I discovered a lump on my forehead, just above the hairline. It was quite big (roughly 2.5 by 1.5 cm) and the tissue felt hard. It didn’t feel right to me, judging it from what I had learnt in Medicine. I decided not to have it investigated and not to tell anyone, but instead to (try to) heal it. I knew if I would get it investigated and the diagnosis confirmed what I thought it could be, my mind could get stuck on that diagnosis and it would be a lot more difficult to heal. I also knew that if I would tell my husband he would be worried and that would make healing it more difficult too.I started to do external Qi therapy by sending Qi with positive healing information to my skin. The information I used was ‘my skin is totally healthy’, ‘all cells of my skin are healthy’, ‘all cells in my body know how to divide and function in the way they are meant to’, etc. To disperse the lump I used the image of dynamite, placing it inside the lump and ‘seeing’ it being blown up in thousands of pieces, flying off into the Universe, to be transformed into something beautiful again.

Arriving at the retreat, there was a very strong healing Qi field and I felt a lot of trust in the healing information. I made the resolution to myself that by the end of this retreat the lump would be gone. I kept sending Qi and healing information to my skin and at the end of the first week the lump had reduced to half its original size. At the last day of the retreat there was only a tiny bit of it left. I send the information ‘just go now, such a disease it not for me’ and it was gone the following day.

I kept doing external Qi therapy on it for a while afterwards, to transform the qifield of the lump back into a healthy Qi field again.

– I. M.


Irene Andersson

I CAME TO THE RETREAT IN SWEDEN WITH A LUMP in my left breast. It had been there for 3 weeks and it was about 1 cm. I decided to see a doctor after the retreat to know if it was something serious. During the first healing I felt warmth in my whole body accompanied with a strong sense of joy. The same evening I palpated my breast and realised that the lump had simply gone. Today (many days later) there is nothing left from this lump and nothing reappeared.

– M. L-D.

DURING ONE OF YUAN TZE’S QI THERAPIES, many entered a deep relaxation. Yuan Tze turned off the microphone and I could hear him just fine anyway. It was fascinating that during a deep relaxation, I could hear better.

Marita Gegerfelt Nordgren

I JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU WHAT A GREAT JOB you did in organizing the retreat in Sweden. My daughter and I really enjoyed our stay there and meeting so many of your nice students.

– Mark Libow

BUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE BUMP?! Your stomach feels quite soft. I cannot feel the cyst! My husband exclaimed.He usually gives my stomach massage every morning before I get out of bed in order to start my “system”.

The cyst as large as a kiwi fruit, sat in the right groin. It has limited my life for several years. If I stood still long or walked too slowly, I was so sore that I could not manage to keep the body upright and had to lie down and rest for one or several hours until the pain had passed – I did not want to tell you, because I myself had a hard time understanding that it really was gone. It was important to me that you also saw that the bump was gone and that it was not just something I imagined.

In June, I and seventy four other people from all over the world attended in a two-week qigong course at Lake Mälaren in Uppland.

We practiced from half seven in the morning until nine o’clock in the evening. A lecture and two Qi-therapy sessions were also included in the current program. The day which was filled with different kinds of Qigong exercises was interrupted by breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee break. Every night at half past nine I went out and slept well all night.

The third day of the course was very special to me: Yuan Tze, the Qigong master, finished the Qi therapy by powerful shouting out a few Chinese words. My reaction was instantaneous: a light flashed inside the head, the body began to tremble, tears and snot ran molded…

Immediately after the session I hurried into the bathroom, and “emptied my whole body.”

Afterwards, when I exhausted put me on the bed and as usual started massaging my stomach discovered to my astonishment that the stomach was quite soft and smooth, and that the cyst in the groin was MISSING!

– Mervie Åhrbom

AS THIS WAS MY THIRD RETREAT WITH YUAN TZE, I grew a bit internally every time I attend his lectures. Abilities to connect with the qi fields is improving tremendously. Yes, not to mention practicing qi gong state and Dantien breathings regularly. I am awesomely happy and enjoy life as much as I could. Finding false master along the way :).Thank you so much for making this last retreat such great memories for me. WIK is beautiful, walking to classes in the rains and cool weather were wonderful. To me, do not change anything. I love it the way it is and thanks again for asking my input.

– Mollie Thomas

SITTING ON THE BEAUTIFUL WIK IN UPLAND. Has just completed a qigong course with a new teacher Yuan Tze. It’s been a fantastic course in a completely different level than I have been to before. We have been 80 people from 17 countries from France, Tyskand, Serbia, New Zealand, United States, etc.! The training goes much deeper and gives better results even though we train less and not just militarily disciplined as I am used to. Here is a philosophical depth, joy, compassion and respect from the leader that I have not felt in previous years of training. After 10 years of training, I feel again as a beginner, so much to learn. Besides that, it’s wonderful nature here, and delicious food three times a day! So anyone who wants to practice qigong you need look no further 25/6-6/7 2013 is what counts.

– Patrik Enander

THE SWEDISH RETREAT IS THE NICEST I HAVE BEEN TO. You have set the new standard of excellence.

– Steve Labo

JUST THOUGHT TO THANK FOR A FANTASTIC ARRANGED RETREAT. Everything worked clockwork, from accommodation to lessons, exercise and food. Truly an achievement given how many participants we were.

– Tomas Johansson

NOW I’M BACK IN “REAL LIFE” AGAIN. Thanks for a wonderful retreat! A very successfull retreat!

– Tord Ekberg

WE WILL DEFINITELY COME BACK NEXT YEAR. It has been such a big thing in our lives.

– Vincent Louys