Thank you for the Winter Retreat. I sincerely hope it happens again. I love the winter weather and subdued nature, because it’s much easier for me as a gardener, and “She – who – must – follow – the – Seasons” to go inside and focus on my inner life. When Nature starts gushing forth my role as caregiver/midwife arises and it takes a lot of energy to disengage.

In 5 years of practicing Qigong daily, I was pleased that the “Flu Phenomenon Qi reaction” has gone away and I am now down from 5 or 6 major infections per year to 2 times of 24 hours duration…

There is a power in these qifields that Yuan Tze builds, that I don’t have any concept of. I just experience it. My whole system makes use of it and it gives power to my life health-wise emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially!

Thank you.

– Ana Raunigg

YUAN TZE REN XUE IS AMAZING BEYOND WORDS. It is a voyage and can only be understood through personal experience. It starts off as a way to heal yourself and become healthy, and then you do become healthy, more than you have ever been before and then it goes from being a way to heal to a lifestyle and your whole life morphs from ignorance to understanding, and your perception of life and your self are radically transformed. It’s not easy but the benefits are greater than anything else you could have ever. The qigong retreats are a particularly fast period of transformation to becoming a true human. Cambridge was my second retreat and I absolutely loved it! I have been doing Qigong for 1 year now, and I am a very different person! The hardest part is after the retreat when all the integration and purification happens and you reach a whole new level of health and understanding.

Thank you Yuan Tze!

– Greg Kendrick

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend the recent retreat in Cambridge. This was my first retreat and I was not sure what to expect, but any concerns were short-lived. I would like to thank you both for the warmness of your welcome and the provision of facilities and a programme which ensured we could all benefit from this unique experience.

Working in the qifield was a new and amazing experience for me and the Qi felt strong and tangible. Both my health and my practice improved in this environment. I was humbled by the courage and commitment of the people around me, all facing their own challenges. Thank you Yuan Tze for sharing your immense wisdom during the morning lectures which were presented with wonderful humour and respect. I found them enlightening, thought-provoking and uncomplicated. Everything made such good sense and I found it exciting to have my mind opened to new perspectives and ways of dealing with life.

I returned home with a strong sense of commitment to my practice which has become regular and meaningful. In particular I believe “stretching Qi” has been of great benefit to me. In recent days I have experienced reaction on an emotional level which felt like I was re-living pain and disturbances of the past. Normally I would have felt that this was a backward step in my life but my new understanding of reactions has meant that I am able to recognize that I am clearing and letting go of negative emotions from the past.

Since my stay at the retreat I feel healthier, wiser and more respectful towards others and myself. Thank you so much for showing us the way. I now feel more empowered to carry on improving my own life as well as that of others.

– Jan Nash

AFTER 8 LEVELS OF TEACHERS TRAINING this was the second Retreat and in my experience every time I spend 2 weeks in the qifield (which first of all Yuan Tze creates/initiates and then we all participate and contribute) I experience some mayor changes in my Focus – Commitment and (self) Discipline!

This time I experienced the qifield as we drove in quite challenging… We had a long journey as all the main roads were closed due to snow and the weather was rather rough…so was the hall that we were going to spend the next 10 days in together and I was practicing staying Calm, Relaxed and Natural all the way through while being exhausted from the 2 day trip to get there…

The first couple of mornings the frost and the temperature in the hall was severe! Yuan Tze put out the “Theme” for the retreat – “Every Day Is A Good Day – Every Place Is A Good Place – Everything Is A Good Thing” and this, NO doubt IS the Truth! So, after the talking stopped I started the inner work with focus, commitment and discipline and it was faster and easier then ever before to progress.

The qifield was stronger and more powerful then ever before and also the group, even though there was a lot of new people, was stronger… The Qi reactions were deep and subtle this time and I feel a strong shift to the next level has happened.

I am also very happy to be one of the people who did not get that flu like virus/qi-reaction/cold!!!

I feel very privileged and grateful for the opportunity to spend this quality time together with everyone! Looking forward to “Mount Qi-man” Retreat in November.


– Manfred Raunigg

MY HEART FELT THANKS AND APPRECIATION to Yuan Tze and Melissa for organizing such a wonderful retreat. Truly one the best (but also challenging) things I have done. The talks Yuan Tze gave were (as always) extremely interesting, thought provoking and multifaceted. I felt like I was able to deepen my practice, and the teachers of the methods did an excellent job at imparting their knowledge. I still feel like I am feeling the benefits and changes going on in my body since the retreat has ended. The shared sense of purpose and like-mindedness of all those who were there was an added bonus.

– RK

Thank you both so much for the wonderful healing and teaching at Cambridge Qigong retreat. I feel I am in a clam and relaxed state most of the time now and have more confidence and feel more joy in whatever I am doing. I can now see clearly all the old patterns I need to work on. I recommend Yuan Tze’s Qigong retreat to everyone!!

Everyday is a good day. Every place is a good place. Everything is a good thing.

– Sue Gardiner

I ATTENDED THE TWO RETREATS organized by Yuan Tze up to now. I’d like to say that the weeks spent there were some of the most important experiences in terms of life cultivation I have had recently.

The places for retreat have been carefully chosen to make us shift the focus from the external to the internal. They were magnificent places, yet in a different way, each facing us with the primary and raw beauty of nature and its fundamentals. The rule of silence applied strictly during the retreats increases the intensity of the internal orientation and helps us identify our physical, mental and emotional problems on a deeper level.

Life during the retreats is reduced to basic things: eating, sleeping, practice… Doing Qigong exercises all day long is a challenge even for people who have practised for years. Yet, this is a rewarding effort. Very soon one can experience the positive changes in the body and mind. The practice takes place in a collectively built, very strong and powerful Qifield charged with positive information about health and progress in life cultivation. The purifying and revitalising effect of the Qifield and the intense practice transform everyone’s body and mind. (even if the beginners cannot yet clearly identify the changes they certainly have experienced.)

How about the reactions? Usually after each retreat I have the strongest and the longest series of reaction ever since I have started doing Qigong. There are all sorts of reactions: physical, emotional and on mental level. It seems already like a pattern to have them after the retreat and usually they last as long as the days of the retreat. I do not worry about this because I know this is the darkness before dawn… The strong reactions mean that I have touched a deep-seated problem and my body and mind “rebel” against this intervention. We have lived for so long with our problems that our bodies are used to them and they react furiously to any attempt to change the status quo (old habits). To clear the reactions I try to do as much practice as possible, usually long series of each basic exercise. Soon all reactions are cleared and this is the moment I recognize the progress I have made during the retreat. I feel like a snake that has just thrown away the old skin. All my body feels recharged and revitalized; the mind is clearer and more powerful; emotional life – more stable and manageable. The internal focus is more persistent, the state of internal calmness moves to a higher level, the mind knows better what’s going on in the body in every single moment…Even my perception of time has changed: it goes slower and more peacefully; my internal sense of it is as if it moves in slow motion in a film…

Now, after the second retreat, I do know that each of them has been a breakthrough in terms of health and life cultivation. After each of them I emerge as a different person. This is why my primary goal now is to keep the level I have reached there and to use it as starting point to move forward. We all want to be healthy, yet the Qigong practitioners know that wonderful health is just the primary and necessary step along the road of life cultivation. The most important things are ahead; they begin after you get healthy…I look forward to these things to come and meanwhile I’m getting healthier, more and more, with each retreat. I do believe this applies to everyone: the beginners have already taken the first steps on this path, the old students experience miracles every day since they have started serious Qigong practice.

– Violetta Petrova

AGAIN MY EXPERIENCE WAS SPECIAL and different from the previous time. It seems I continue to discover new depths of something that appears to be very simple at first sight… This retreat was my 10th two week training with Yuan Tze and I would like to mention one of the new elements that have been introduced not long ago. The non-talking rule. This single thing was able to amplify the results of my practice quite a lot. I manage to experience its direct connection to the state of being relaxed, calm and natural. I understand the rule not only as a non-talking policy but policy that has to eliminate any unnecessary communication with the external. The opportunity to be in a powerful qifield with my Qigong fellows and at the same time enjoying the luxury of using my Qi primary for my internal needs is something very precious to have. This exercise gave me a new level of stability during the retreat and it made a big difference to my practise as well. The non-talking rule makes the practice easy and enjoyable. And it can help the good relationships to get to an even higher level – what a good way to learn how to feel the state your friends and other people are in, to sense their thoughts and feelings, and all this without the need of using verbal communication!!

Thank you Yuan Tze, thank you Melissa

– Vlado Rashev

I THINK OF THIS JOURNEY AS THE HARDEST I have ever taken but probably the most rewarding and a turning point in my life.

I was prepared for hard work, different routine, different food & living conditions and not being able to talk but I was not prepared for the emotional reactions at all.

I know you and Yuan Tze were aware of my distress and I know you helped me find a way out the other end of the black hole I found myself in. I do not think I have ever told you that I spent some time in a mental institution in my 20s – I imagined I had dealt with all the related problems years ago. I had not! I also imagined that I had dealt with the problems I had with my mother growing up- wrong again!

The qifield at this time felt very dark in colour and lots of sharp things were in it, it felt like in my mind picking the scabs off sores! I think I was scared by it.

I was also horrified to hear Yuan Tze talking about all the woeful problems of the world as I have a policy of not listening or reading any world news as I feel powerless to help and it does upset me. How wonderful to have my question relating to this chosen from the bowl on the last day, I was very comforted by the answer. The second day I could not believe a question about people deliberately changing the weather could be discussed – this really caused me to fall down the black hole, I could not control my tears and always mindful that Yuan Tze told me not to cry I searched the book for comfort and answers in my free time. I also found comfort in the surroundings, the animals and my lovely Qigong family. After the 2nd group healing I had the strangest dreams- I wrote them out and can send them if you are interested- I realized on waking that I had a lot of anger – I was even angry at Yuan Tze for “hurting” me with his talks. I tried very hard at my practice to keep control of my mind and consciousness focused – this did help and the next morning after a feverish night Yuan Tze seemed to be talking right to me about reactions and the Flu Phenomenon so I decided I was healing myself by drawing all the healing Qi I knew was being put into the qifield so I breathed in and drew Qi to my respiratory system and sinus with as much concentration and strength as I could – in a very short while I realized everything was cleared and the sun came out in my mind again. I was sure I was free of the Flu phenomenon and reactions were cleared. I still cried a lot but I felt better inside I have since decided that the tears were necessary to wash away something in my head, I have always had sinus problems but they are gone and will not return. I now have some idea of the root problems that I have that need work and need to be cleared. The qifield was a lot different after this, much lighter in color and many less sharp pieces. Since returning to Riwaka and our very “pink” nurturing an probably female dominated qifield I have thought that the sharp bits at Epworth were everyone’s (including mine) negative thoughts so I have tried my hardest not to put any negatives into any qifield!

With the moving practice I was then able to concentrate and move Shen and body much more evenly and consistently, even managing to complete the long version of 3 centres merge, a practice that I like many others dread! The trick short one was even a pleasure! I do not think it will ever be my favorite practice but I have been wrong about a lot of things so I keep an open mind.

I am so grateful to you both for so many things, for deciding to come to New Zealand and give us these opportunities and for wanting to make this world a better place and showing us some tools to work towards this. I am going to try and make every minute count and my big dream is for the Qigong community to become a reality. I have some ideas of how we could raise money to go towards it but I am just going to put them out into the qifield for now. We are so lucky in Riwaka as we have our Centre at Edith’s and all our wonderful teachers to help us. We also have a growing Qigong family and a lot of people who may not actively practice Qigong but they have very similar beliefs and ideas.

– Annie Coster