I AM TAKING THIS OPPORTUNITY to write a summary of the retreat I’ve just been on. The retreat is the first USA one, but I was at home with my children while my husband formerly began his Qigong adventure.It has been the most amazing two weeks. I’ve attended two previous retreats, and had noticed how smoothly things had gone for everyone back home. I was humbled by Yuan Tze’s care of our family. It was beautiful to experience that myself, and see how calmly and lovingly the two weeks went. I set myself clear goals and took the opportunity for more practice than I have ever done at home, work on qi and work on Shen. And what an amazing experience to be able to have a retreat at home, working on Shen while connected to the retreat qifield. A salient reminder that I should treat the rest of life as if there is a Qigong retreat going on somewhere.

I made many huge and fundamental changes, with very many aha moments. To realize that I don’t have to fight myself to ‘make’ things happen inside, but to be able to relax and realize that nature will take it’s course if I just allow it. I am just part of nature, nothing special, but very precious. That realization was like taking a sudden u-turn on the road of life and heading in, in a very new and special way. Realizing very deeply that everything is taking its course, and it’s not beneficial going out to try to adjust others, but to stay inside and work on myself and open out that way. Further clarifying my understanding of how I am using my consciousness, and seeing more clearly the ‘rules’ I had constructed about it, and seeing aspects to work on was a relief. Really feeling the joy of immediate forgiveness of every moment; and the joy of going in deeper, and the joy of not – but being able to see with gratitude what you need to work on.

And the deeper gratitude I have for the challenges in keeping relaxed calm and natural no matter what is going on on the outside, which I now see stand me in such great steed for the rest of my life. Cultivating life in the real world really is such a wonderful opportunity for strong growth, and the need to keep creating opportunities to do this just so important. It’s just all solid work, step by beautiful step. I see people look at me now, knowing they may be thinking I have a boring life. But I know that I have the ‘career’ of a lifetime, something that I’m deeply passionate about and can do at every moment. Going inside.

I’m deeply grateful to all those at the USA retreat and their families, Yuan Tze and Melissa, and all of life that has come before me to make this possible.

– Dr Jeanette Spencer

WHEN I ARRIVED IN AUSTRIA 4 days after attending the retreat with Yuan Tze, Melissa and another 100 wonderful dedicated human beings in the USA, my grandfather (96) was lying on his deathbed during the one week I was to be home. I have lived and studied Qigong in New Zealand for the last 4 years. I have been home for the first time in three years and I could help him quite a bit with Qi work.On arriving in the Old-folks-home directly from the airport I found him there together with my family, whom have been sitting there for the last 2 days and nights. They were pretty upset and worried. My granddad was in agonizing pain for days. He was restless and scared and sometimes screaming for hours with pain, so I was told, although he was given high dosages of Morphine. But he wouldn’t or couldn’t die.

After saying hi to my family I immediately started to do some Qi Healing. Two hours of Qi work together with him and he was a whole night and day completely pain-free and very peaceful. He could communicate a little bit with the family – say” uh-hu” after someone said bye, nod a little – and so on.

You could almost see him smile – I thought two or three times – even that was really hard to tell without his teeth :).

It was wonderful to see him coming back so clear to say good-bye to the whole family sitting together around his deathbed.

It was an unbelievable beautiful atmosphere around the dying one – which surprised me – I always used to be scared of the contact with death – but it was just as wonderful as a birth. All of my family members felt the change in the “air”(Qi) during my Qi work and were amazed by his peaceful state. Also – all of them could relax – they had been quite traumatized by his pain and the helplessness they felt towards him.

On the 2nd evening I did another hour of Qi healing with a Qifield built for “beautiful dying”. I didn’t know what other information to put in it. Then I went home for a quick dinner. An hour later came the call, that he had died just then.

Thank You Yuan Tze and your teachers for having worked so hard on yourself – with your guidance I might even be able to break through a lot of patterns that keep me and my life oh, so limited.

Thank You for your teachings!

– Andrea Harris

SINCE NZ RETREAT (NOVEMBER 2010) TILL TODAY, I have not had severe headache episode at all. Could say that I no longer have it since Yuan Tze put the full moon in my Upper Dantian, awesome indeed.My experience in Fresno was also beautiful, I am able to do 3CM regularly without pain in my knee. Yuan Tze corrected my posture in that one night. He also taught me to open my heart. Now I have full moon in Upper Dantian and open heart in Middle Dantian. I can’t ask for more while practicing daily and be in Qi Gong state.

I have been practicing Qigong for over ten years. This is the one thing I keep for life. Now that you asked, I always see myself as a ground keeper at the temple, I sweep and observed what was going on in life around me. Absorbed the good and let go of the not so good. Then one day before Fresno it dawned on me that I did not want to be a ground keeper any more but want to move up to whatever life will lead me and make the best out of that! Without knowing what would happen in that retreat, I went and be more attentive to my own wants and needs and with a lot of helps from YT lectures and every day intense practices, I came home with much more clear intentions and my life is in better shape with relationship with my own members of the family and husband.

To sum it up, I love YT’s teachings. I have been thru two retreats with him and will indeed keep growing with future retreats. The most valuable of his teaching is that, YT lectures and philosophy can apply to all beings. Since I am born Buddhist, this is one sure thing I can pass it on to the next generation. All of my grand children will attend your summer camp soon as you open one in the near future.

I know that I am in your qi fields and like wise.

– Mollie

I’VE ATTENDED THREE 2-WEEK RETREATS WITH YUAN TZE, with this being the first retreat offered in the USA. Each retreat, regardless of the level of the students and level of difficulty, has given me the opportunity to go deeper in my practice of qigong and realize the benefits that directly impact the quality of my life and my relationships.The qifield and information within it were very powerful at the retreat and allowed each student the opportunity to “tune in” at the frequency they were capable and willing to. The result is that each person was able to uniquely progress according to their individual needs and intentions. Yuan Tze has the compassionate ability to create a supportive and inclusive environment with the participation of the students so that all benefit and are encouraged to grow and elevate their life and awareness.

Very importantly, I’ve come away from each retreat with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to continue to grow in my daily life which is the real proving ground in manifesting real and positive transformation.


– Richard Danon