Thank you so much for the 2 week retreat up in Mount Cheeseman. It was a wonderful 2 weeks packed full of precious learning. It was a real treat being in the strong qifield for all that time. I found it was much easier to do the practices and even the standing form. Everything seemed orchestrated to enhance my learning, even the weather! I learnt to recognize my Shen and how to control negative feelings and emotions better. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the practices together in this beautiful qifield and I am sincerely grateful for the understanding I gained.

– Aiyanna Leenheer

I CAME TO THE 2008 MT CHEESEMAN RETREAT A BEGINNER, just a few weeks after being introduced to Qigong. To be honest I did not even understand the concept of Qi.

The instruction the teachers gave was wonderful. Thank you, each one of you. And special thanks to Yuan Tze for building such a powerful Qi field, for your pertinent comments and the ‘heart to heart’ learning that extended the limits of my physical and mental capacities – way beyond what I ever dreamed was possible.

Again thanks and Qi for you both

– Darryl Walker

MANY THANKS TO YUAN TZE AND MELISSA for running this latest Qigong retreat. It was a great opportunity to improve in all the different Qigong methods and techniques, and also to further my own personal development and knowledge on many levels. The powerful qifield was very supporting of the whole process.

– Didier Le Guen

THE QIGONG RETREAT, THE THIRD EVENT, this November just been was a success. Of course different people had different level of success but all who attended will agree, and the proof was in the pudding as many people left the mountain feeling very good and filled with Qi. There were people who had been doing Qigong and learning Ren Xue since Yuan Tze first arrived in New Zealand and there were others who had just begun and yet somehow Yuan Tze was able to cover enough ground for the beginners and go deep enough for the older students. The teaching reached a new level of depth and the importance on working on ones patterns was truly brought very clearly into the reference system. I did notice the importance of having those attend read the book so that the teaching can manifest even deeper next time. I had an amazing journey and very few reactions which is great! I have been doing Qigong and studying Ren Xue for about a year and a half and been to the 3 retreats and I can truly say it has transformed my life or it has given me the knowledge and abilities to be my own saviour and one day the master of my life. Thank you,

– Greg Kendrick

THE THIRD RETREAT WITH YUAN TZE was yet another major step on my “Journey Towards Optimum Well-Being”.

After 8 levels of Teachers Training and 3 Retreats, the qifield is getting very dense as soon as we get together and we all start to add to the qifield Yuan Tze built specifically for the event.

My own personal Journey has reached a deeper level of realization and I am continuing to work on further cultivation.

I am amazed at the ability of the very new people who have come into this qifield and seem to progress at such a fast pace that would have been unthinkable when we got started…

I did have a strong picture come up again and again while doing the 3 centres merge standing form and I would like to share it here:

3 Centres – I – Myself – Me
I – says: there is only one Master in the Universe and I am that – …I know that!
MYSELF – which after thousands of years of rebellion against I has become the ‘self destructive Self’ – says… “Yeah Right!”
ME – which is pure Love and Joy underneath it all… – says… “What about ME ?”
Well… 3 Centres Merge is ALL ABOUT ME… It’s the way back INSIDE to true Love and Joy !!!, which is always there underneath it all… O:-)

– Manfred Raunigg

HIGH ABOVE THE CLOUDS, I can see far into the distance. The blue sky above me seems limitless. This is how the retreat ends for me.

At times, the weather was different, and I found myself fogged out, in the clouds with no perspective at all. At other times, the wind howled and it felt unsafe to even go out. Then it rained or hailed. One day, all was covered under a blanket of blending white snow. On another day, I saw a rainbow, which evoked a sense of awe.

Like the weather, my experience of the Qigong retreat was varied and multi-faceted. I went through a range of experiences that provided a deep ground for personal growth. The fact that we did not talk helped my introspection and self-reflection. A vast array of different emotions were evoked, and I could witness how my thinking influenced them.

I was reminded of a life-changing experience that I had in my twenties, when I spent some time in a Buddhist monastery in Sri Lanka. It was the time that I was most confronted with myself, a great opportunity for increased awareness of my own internal processes, where I could not run away from myself, where I stayed in silence.

Yuan Tze kindly created a qifield that would soften any qi-reactions. It worked and, as far as I know, no one got really sick. However, I welcomed my qi-reactions in a similar way as I welcomed my pain, which, as I learned, only indicated blocked energy. I stayed with it, relaxed into it, until it disappeared. “Everything is a good thing”, the motto of the retreat provided the ground for an overall growthful experience. “Good and bad are relative.” In choosing to focus on good, the experience can only be positive.

Maybe reality is what it is. The only thing we can influence is our perception of reality, the way we see the world. In the end, it is our perception that influences our experience, that impacts on our reality.

It seems that overall, I grew in health not only on a physical level, but also emotionally and mentally. Especially the third method, which was new to me, had a major impact. It brought up all sort of feelings on a subtle level, like fear, sadness, irritation, doubt. They were not very strong, just mildly surfacing from the background of my unconsciousness.

Consciousness is a big word in Qigong. With our consciousness, we can move energy, qi, which then in turn impacts on our physical body.

It is important to learn to manage our feelings rather than express them vehemently. This is quite different to my previous training in Gestalt therapy. Back then, it was encouraged to express feelings freely, as a proof of one’s liberation.

Overall, at this retreat, I felt like I was engaging in a process of personal therapy in a different form. The extensive Qigong practice also provided ample opportunities to increase my mind power. The two weeks in the mountains was a pro-active health activity on all levels.

Overall, I feel very blessed and happy to have been part of this unique growth opportunity. Now is the time to integrate what I learned into my daily life. Practising the three centres merge standing form regularly each night is a good start. Thank you Yuan Tze, thank you Melissa.

– Rudolf Jarosewitsch

I DO MY BEST TO MAKE QIGONG A 24-HOUR PRACTICE, but everyday distractions – work, commitments, business – seem to demand my attention, pulling my mind away from going deeper inside. Rarely in life do we take the opportunity to turn the other way and invest in ourselves.

November 2008, 2 weeks at Mt Cheeseman. “Every second counts”, Yuan Tze reminds us. I totally agree. Here’s my chance to really focus and go deeper, and I settle in to the routine of Qigong, eat, sleep, Qigong…

Like the mountain mist dissolving in the sun, I melt into the powerful qifield and absorb the positive, healing information. I wake one night with one clear sentence in my head: “I’m getting healthier and healthier from the inside out”.

My body and mind feel like they go through a washing machine as old information and Qi reactions are shaken up, spun around and washed away.

The beauty of the mountain environment surrounding me paled in comparison with what I saw when I closed my eyes. I would never have believed that from inside the blue sky could be clearer, the light more radiant. The whole universe really IS inside you. Take the time to discover it for yourself and all humanity.

Thank you Melissa and Yuan Tze.

– Vanessa Lukes

WHEN PEOPLE HEAR THE PHRASE “Life cultivation” usually they think about something complicated and not so relevant to the everyday life. Something that is reserved for selected people only.

After listening to Yuan Tze’s talks, one can clearly see that live cultivation is something relevant to everyone. Even more, it is must do if we want to make our life more meaningful and enjoyable.

There are simple steps that can change the life we live for better. They can bring more awareness and satisfaction to it.

Thank you Yuan Tze, thank you Melissa,

– Vlado Rashev