IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WORK WITH YUAN TZE and you are serious about improving life in all forms, then I would strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to learn with him. As a Western trained doctor with a good education in holistic health and healing, my knowledge and wisdom in the field of healing has grown exponentially since I began studying with Yuan Tze. This humble man has studied the cultivation of life, Qigong, Tai Chi and the ancient and modern Eastern healing arts in great depth and by personal immersion and learning and brings the most profound understanding of the nature of healing of any teacher I have yet come across. My life, my health and my family’s health and happiness has been improved immeasurably by the application of the teachings of human life science as taught by Yuan Tze.

Recently I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks on retreat at Mt Cheeseman in a qifield led by Yuan Tze and dedicated to the improvement of life for all, all those of us present but also all those not present, of all living and existent beings in the universe. For the first time in my life I experienced the true joy of feeling completely connected and at one with the universe around me. I have searched in many places for wisdom but here I found answers to questions of many kinds, and of course also many more questions! One such problem I understood better after the retreat was that of suffering, how and why we cause it for ourselves and each other, and how vital it is that we all lift our living to make every moment beautiful so that this radiance can affect all other living things positively. The retreat allowed me to see how I could be when I and the people around me lived like this, and it was truly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

With happiness,

– Dr Jackie Blunt


I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to you both for the life-changing experience of attending the Qigong retreat at Mt Cheeseman.

I learnt so much more about Qigong and the care you both extended to everyone was profound.

The teachings Liu laoshi shared continued to inspire me. They are so full of information, wisdom, humour and guidance that I know they will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life.

So now, as you expressed in your email to us, I am facing the challenge of implementing so much information and learning into my daily life. Having begun to experience a Qigong state in the qifield at Mt Cheeseman, along with the intense focus of being in retreat there, I now strive to sustain that state of being fully present in every moment and in everything I do and think.

It is such a joy to feel this new awareness of Qi moving through my actions and thoughts when I am in the nurturing, peaceful and relaxing Qigong state. This consciousness helps me to quickly notice the effects of old patterns that distract from simple ease and happiness, with anxiety, fears and disappointments (to name only a few).

Having the long practises of 3 Centres Merge Standing form, I at last felt the mind and Qi connection and felt Qi flowing in the channels that I had held as blocked in my mind.

All the beautiful, affirming messages for the mind preparation in the Qigong practices finally started to click into place.

When Liu laoshi talked about gratitude, the truths he expressed opened my heart to deeper and deeper levels of realisation and gratitude for this precious opportunity of learning, sharing and growth.

So, with humility and respect for your immense generosity and compassion, I extend my deepening levels of gratitude to you Liu laoshi and Melissa.


– Jane Newman

I was glad to get your email where you talk about being back in “normal life”, which is where life’s lessons are learned. Since the retreat I have found I am in a calm state most of the time and am much more aware when I become anxious and/or reactive. I am practicing Qigong most days and am finding I am getting stronger and the practice more powerful. The retreat was a very special time for me and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn the practices with a Master. It is only now that I am back with life’s busy-ness and demands that I can appreciate the rare environment you created for us up on the mountain. It was also extremely powerful being in silence. I worked through very many patterns and reactions during the retreat and the safe and supported atmosphere helped me resolve them. Your wisdom and high standards set the bar at a new level for me to work towards in life. This work is an important tool for life and is now part of my life’s routine for self care, self discovery and healing. Once again, I am most grateful for all you did for us and for bringing this beautiful work to New Zealand.

– Linda Duff

My heartfelt gratitude to you both for hosting the Qigong retreat. Together we all created a powerful experience which deepened each of our lives immeasurably. Thank you to you both and all the helpers who did the background work to allow it to happen so smoothly.

I know I mentioned this to you already Melissa, but the retreat really has changed my life. I feel like a great opening has occurred, and I stand at the brink of a new phase in my life. My practice to this point has been, as you know, at the beginners level. With the excellent tuition provided by the old students, I have learnt new methods which will help me reach new depths in my practice. I am now committed to 100 days of at least 1hr of 3 centres merge and also the second method. I am confident that this practice will go on indefinitely! I had a number of significant experiences at the retreat, many feelings of opening in my head, especially at Yintang and Baihui. I also experienced an incredible improvement in my ability to do the practice. Now I do 3CM for an hour very easily, I just need to keep my mind from wandering!

It is interesting coming back to everyday life. I am very sensitive to the fluctuations of Qi, and am noticing previous patterns of behaviour which are very Qi depleting. I am working on approaching them in new ways which will be more beneficial.

One thing that was significant for me at the retreat was a saying that Yuan Tze mentioned: “full belly looking for something to do”. In some ways I could see that some aspects of my life were exactly that. And it was in those areas that I always have felt some kind of emptiness and feeling that there must be more to life. So I am making sure that I keep a good state whenever I am doing those things and am looking at building on those parts of my life which are having real benefits for myself and other people.

Again many thanks for a very deep and rewarding retreat. I look forward to seeing you both at the next one, and perhaps sooner.

– Matt de Boer

IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME to be able to attend the retreat. All of the sacrifices (work & family) and efforts to come all the way from the America to New Zealand just to attend Yuan Tze’s retreat were well paid off. I have gained so much from the retreat. Both of my Qigong level and my consciousness have advanced to a much higher level than before. I have learned so much from Yuan Tze during the 2 weeks retreat that I would not think I could have learned from any other sources for years. My practice of Qigong methods are at a higher level than before. I feel so much positive changes in both Qi and virtue. Last but not the least, my practice of static form, 3CM, has been going from 30min or less to 60min/80min daily. I am honor to be treated as a member of the Yuan Tze Ren Xue family.

– Richard Tran

I found the Qigong retreat both challenging and hugely rewarding.

To be in a situation where all I did was eat the meals provided, have a shower, brush my teeth, get to bed on time and turn up to class with an open mind and heart, gave me the opportunity to dump everything else out of my mind and come to a place of deep stillness within. The mountainous surroundings and seemingly stark landscape were an ideal setting. Not speaking during the retreat seemed entirely appropriate and the more I went internally and stilled my mind the less I wanted or needed to speak to others. I felt alone and separate but fully supported and part of those around me.

The retreat enabled me to go deeper within, to identify and work on my bad habits, negative thoughts, judgments etc. The teachings reinforced the concept of dealing with problems on a fundamental level and many everyday occurrences were used as examples. It all seems so logical and simple when explained this way but putting the teachings into practice to uplift my own life is now the challenge.

During and since the retreat I find myself more calm and relaxed, better able to still my mind, more accepting of/respectful of myself and others, more aware of and connected with the universal qifield, more independent – less reliant on others, better able to help others, more confident as a teacher, and now I almost enjoy doing 3 Centres Merge Standing Form regularly.

– Shona Page

I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO go on the 2-week retreat that Yuan Tze held in Mount Cheeseman in November 2007. It was an extraordinary experience – a chance to focus on my Qigong practice, surrounded by like-minded students, in beautiful natural surroundings, and all this under the guidance and tuition of a master teacher and practitioner. A month later, I’m still absorbing the lessons and experience I gained from the retreat, but I can say with certainty that it has deepened and strengthened my practice and put me on a path to further progress. I recommend an experience like this to anyone interested in developing their knowledge and experience of Qigong.

– Tim Stevenson

THE QIGONG RETREAT 2007 WAS A VERY UNIQUE and special experience. I would highly recommend it to both absolute beginners and advanced Qigong practitioners. Combination of theory, practice and Qi therapy, 24 hours a day and not a minute wasted! I saw how the new students got to the level of 2 year practitioners just in 2 weeks. I witnessed how old students got deeper and deeper in their practice working on their old habits and unhealthy patterns. The programme of the retreat was done in such a way that one can practise Qigong all the time. Actually, all our daily activities were turned into a Qigong practice and the benefit was enormous. Not to mention the powerful qifield – it works doesn’t matter whether you are practising the methods or sitting somewhere quiet and open to it! I learned a lot of new things that have not been mentioned even at the 8 level teacher’s training. Also I was able to see many of the things I already knew from a different perspective. My practice improved and so did the degree of my energy and health. But the most important of all, my understanding about life and what I can do with it got to a different level. Thank you Yuan Tze, thank you Melissa.

– Vlado Rashev

Where to start!

The retreat for me was the most rewarding yet. ‘I’ prove that you don’t have to ‘be a good person’ to do Qigong. Qigong transforms you, over a period of practice into a ‘good person’.

Whilst doing my first two ‘gongs’ earlier on in 3 CM, I used to stand there, fighting myself and my real or imagined ‘pain’ until the form finished.

I had my backpack on, full of a lifetime of fear, hate, alcoholism and injuries. My body would go into burnups of heat, with sweat dripping from my tailbone. It was never pleasurable or relaxed, but it did transform me.

At this retreat I must have finally let it all go, I had enough strong and pure Qi from the qifield to become ‘light’.

It took till the last day, in about the 70th minute for my body and mind to ‘give up’ so the body could finally just suspend, weightless. My left shoulder was the last to succumb to painlessness, because my mind knew the ligament holding the shoulder in was torn from the bone.

Only now can I observe back to the real causes of anger, impatience and mental and physical foolhardiness and stubbornness that made it like that in the first place, likewise, carrying an injured hip and previously ruptured lumbar disc, plus other old injuries.

Now the causes of pushing myself to the limit at sports, because I couldn’t cope with my emotions and the life I had structured for myself are clear, and it’s not too late.

Qigong has pushed Qi through these blocks in my mind, body and spirit, to a much happier place.

So keep up your daily practice, as subtle shifts and transformations are the easiest.

After pain comes painlessness
After fear comes calm
After hate comes pure loves
After despair comes hope and faith.

Yes, through the practice of Qigong and the comprehending of Human Life Science, why we are who and what we are becomes clearer and clearer.

It sure beats ‘beating yourself up’.

With all my love and respect

– Jill Dyett