Six-Year Training Programme LEVEL 5 – Deposit

Product Description

Application Required

Purchasing this product requires an approved application of the 6-year training programme. If you are new to the programme, please read the full details of the training and apply here.


This 6-year programme involves two weeks of residential training retreats per year (2013-2018). The training covers three main areas:

  • Yuan Gong Teacher Training
  • Totality Healing Practitioner Training
  • Ren Xue Teacher Training

Goals for the Training Programme

For a Qualified teacher to be:

  • A person who is able to continually make progress in life.
  • An advanced Qigong professional who can perform high standard Qigong work.
  • A therapist who can help people deal with their problems safely and effectively on the physical, Qi and consciousness levels.
  • An elementary level Ren Xue teacher who can use basic Ren Xue to help other people.

NOTE: Pay here only if you are outside New Zealand. If you are in New Zealand, please transfer online directly to the Yuan Tze Centre account.

Price: $200.00


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