Aiyanna's Teacher Profile

Contact Details



Location: Nelson/Motueka, New Zealand

Personal Description

I have a background in Medicine and Naturopathy and now enjoy helping people with Ren Xue, Yuan Gong, Qi-healing and Counselling. I teach groups and work with peoples individual needs in one-on-one sessions. Most services can be done distant using Skype. See my website for testimonials and further details.

Qualifications and Experience

Has been learning from Yuan Tze since 2008.

Level 3 Yuan Gong teacher.

Level 8 Zhineng Qigong teacher.

Started teaching Qigong in 2010.

Class 1 Details

Name: Introduction Session

Date: Regular

Time: at different times, check for detailed information

Day of the week:


Description: This is a session providing information on Ren Xue and Yuan Gong. It includes Qigong practice and explains the impact Qi has on the body.


Class 2 Details

Name: Yuan Gong Workshop

Date: Regular

Time: See for detailed information

Day of the week:


Description: In this workshop the first two methods of Yuan Gong are taught and practiced.


Class 3 Details

Name: Regular practice classes

Date: weekly or monthly

Time: See for more detail

Day of the week:


Description: In these sessions we practice Tian Yuan and Di Yuan together with the various supplementary exercises of Yuan Gong. Often we also touch on a Ren Xue topic

Prerequisite: Yuan Gong Workshop