Yuan Ming Medicine is also named TOTALITY HEALING. It is being created to serve as one of the tools for the realization of the mission of Ren Xue – Zi Du Du Ren. At its foundation are: (1) essential wisdom and techniques of traditional Chinese culture, and (2) modern achievements. Built upon this foundation are theories and methods that Yuan Tze gradually developed during his life-long dedication to exploring life.  These theories and methods are products not only of investigating but also of applying discoveries to both his own life-cultivation and his work of healing and helping others. Yuan Tze worked with problems on all levels of life, including the body, Qi and consciousness. His aim was to help people deal with problems in a safe, effective and natural way. After many years of work, a basic framework of a Ren Xue health model – Yuan Ming Medicine (Totality Healing) – has finally emerged. It establishes the basic form for a holistic (totality) medicine for the future.

Totality Healing is part of the Ren Xue system and is based on Ren Xue theories and methods for healing. Its availability will render Ren Xue a more comprehensive system. As a new health care model, it will include methods that can be applied to practical healing work. The goal is that with proper training therapists will be able to use Yuan Ming Medicine to help people address problems on all levels of life in a safe, effective and natural way.


The three main theories of Ren Xue — Theory of Qi, Theory of Shen-Yi and Theory of Totality — form the theoretical base of Totality Healing.  The techniques of Totality Healing will be based on these theories.


The main applications of Totality Healing are as follows:

1.Therapy is conducted by a trained practitioner/therapist.

2.The focus of therapy is identifying and dealing with root causes of problems.

3.Through using Totality Healing techniques, the practitioner helps clients deal with problems, including health problems and life problems, by working on and making change to their Shen/Yi and Qi.

4.For optimal results, the practitioner and recipient form a mutually-beneficial relationship, with both parties actively participating in the therapy and working together in a positive way. Therapy becomes a process for both parties to grow.

Its Role in Ren Xue

Under the umbrella of Ren Xue, Yuan Ming Medicine (Totality Healing) joins Yuan Gong as another subsystem. Each of the two subsystems has a primary focus. Yuan Gong is mainly for Zi Du, with Du Ren in a supplementary role. Yuan Ming Medicine is mainly for Du Ren, with Zi Du in a supplementary role. Ren Xue and its two subsystems work together as a complete package. All of these elements are still in the process of development. To complete them and make them a comprehensive holistic health care system, a great deal of effort from many people will be required. However, what is being offered at this stage in Ren Xue, including these two subsystems, is already sufficient for effectively improving health on all levels.

The Scope of its Effects

The scope of the effects of Totality Healing is as wide as life itself. For example, looked at from the perspective of the timeline of a human life, it can help people from the very beginning of life (conception), to the very end (death). The effects of Yuan Ming Medicine can also reach beyond an individual human life to society as a whole and even to other forms of life.

How does Yuan Ming Medicine Work?

The effects of Yuan Ming Medicine (Totality Healing) will come about mainly through changing Qi and information. Qi and information are conveyed by the practitioner in order to effect change to the recipient’s Qi and information. The positive changes in Qi and information can then lead to improvements in health and life. This can be done through various forms:

1.Individual one-on-one therapy

2.Group therapy with one therapist working with more than two recipients

3.Remote therapy (with the therapist and the recipient(s) at two different locations). Advancements in technology such as audio and video communications over the Internet can now be used for remote therapy.

4.Other forms of therapy

5.Using three ways of transmission – physical, verbal and direct – as the main vehicle for conveying Qi and information. Other media such as written text can also be used.

The Effects of Yuan Ming Medicine

1.Help prevent illness.

2.Help improve the unhealthy condition of the body, Qi and information effectively.

3.Help improve the unhealthy conditions on the behavioural, psychological, personality and consciousness levels effectively.

4.Help improve overall health and quality of life and promote longevity effectively.

5.Help promote a healthy and harmonious relationship with self, family, society and nature effectively.

6.Help make change to unhealthy habits in behaviour, emotions, personality and thinking effectively.

7.Help raise the level of perceived happiness and wellbeing effectively.

8.Help adjust and improve the views of life, morality, value, society and the world.

9.Help develop true understanding (realization) and wisdom.

Who can benefit?

Anyone can use Yuan Ming Medicine on herself. However, to use it on other people, one needs to undertake the ‘Yuan Gong, Yuan Ming Medicine and Ren Xue Professional Training’ and obtain qualifications.


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