2016 Events

Ren Xue Healing Retreats

– Ren Xue Yuan Gong Retreat held by Yuan Tze

The Ren Xue healing retreats held by Yuan Tze are to facilitate healing of the whole life on the fundamental level.

A very exciting feature of the three retreats in 2015 is Ren Yuan – the Third Method of Yuan Gong. The purpose of this method is to deepen the effect of Qigong practice and strengthen the physical body. Compared to Tian Yuan, there is more pulling and stretching of the body. However, together with the special mind activity of this new method, a large amount of Qi will be activated and moved, and strong Qi sensation can be experienced. It is a form that exudes grace, strength and beauty and is accessible to everyone.

Although the focus of Yuan Gong practice will be on the Third Method, there will be teaching of the first and second methods for beginners. This is so that even if you are new, you can participate in the practice of all methods and reap the benefit of them.

As always, the development of the consciousness will be the main focus of all the Ren Xue retreats. A strong qifield and useful guidance will be provided by Yuan Tze to facilitate your work on the consciousness, especially on patterns. This is a rare opportunity if you are serious about making life better. These retreats are a safe place for you to explore your life and discover more about yourself. More importantly, profound change can be expected when you are fully engaged. This is something that has been commonly experienced by past retreat participants, no matter at what level they were.

If you are searching for something that can truly help you deal with your problems and change your life for the better, just come with an open mind and heart.

Blythe’s retreat experiences

The 2014 retreat at Wonder Valley Ranch was deeply transformative. Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. Although I was making some progress, frustratingly, I could sense that in some way I was not healing the root cause of the disease and that something basic was not being addressed in how things were being taught to me.

At the end of 2012 and again in early summer of 2013, I received western medicine’s treatment for the cancer with which I was diagnosed. Each time involved my receiving Rituxan via IV once a day for five days. Rituxan has a half-life (time it takes for half of the drug to exit your system) of about 76 hours after the first infusion and 205 hours after the fourth infusion. Rituxan may sometimes be found even 3-6 months after therapy is completed. I don’t know how long the drug stayed in my body after the second round of treatment. What I do know is that tumor shrinkage didn’t continue beyond a month after treatment ended, maybe less. I was left with one tumor that I could palpate, in my upper right leg. It stayed at the shrunken post-treatment size until the Ren Xue Healing retreat at Wonder Valley in April 2014, long after any remaining Rituxan would have left my body.

The new Yuan Gong forms taught at the retreat are powerful beyond anything I could have imagined. They are easy to learn, fun to do and effective even when I had to modify how I did them. Between them, Yuan Tze teaches in great depth not just about the physical and Qi aspects of Qigong, but also about the internal healing of our selves, our consciousness. In the two weeks of the retreat, I experienced physical healing; the leg left swollen with lymphedema from the cancer treatment is now almost normal size.  During the retreat the tumor shrank, at a rough guess, to half of the size it had been when I arrived. I also came away with a much deeper understanding of how to live, how to practice and how to continue to deepen my practice.

On December 8th I saw my oncologist again for bloodwork and a check-up. My bloodwork showed no cancer markers. Everything was perfect. My oncologist was unable to feel any tumors anywhere. That last holdout is gone. “Keep on doing that Qigong, “ he told me.

Weekend Workshop

2-Day Workshop

9-10 July, 2016
Contact Vincent Louys vincafary@yahoo.fr

In this workshop Yuan Tze will shed light on the root causes of your problems and help you gain insight on how to deal with them. You will also learn an effective tool for self-healing – Yuan Gong, a Qigong system created by Yuan Tze.

Yuan Tze will also conduct Qi therapy on both days. Many people experience immediate improvement of their state of Qi as a result of Yuan Tze’s Qi therapy.